Anxiety Management

Love Mantra for Anxious People

Love Mantra for Anxious People

I'm beginning to sound like broken record. I do hold back from being Me, because of the not-good-enoughs swirling in my DNA, which cause me anxiety.

Before you tell me to STOP IT....

I have stopped my not-good-enoughs in its tracks, but it has to start somehow somewhere.. Something has to catch fire before you put the fire out.

I don't think there's any way to stop the thoughts from forming. And the hardest job is not believe in the lie that we believed as the truth all our lives. And it's possible to listen, acknowledge and do what scares you most, which is to drop the not-good-enoughs and just be good, and have faith that that is enough.

10 Practical Ways To Create a Worry-Free Life

10 Practical Ways To Create a Worry-Free Life

I have anxiety issues. I Worry a lot. I’m not afraid to admit it.

This post started a while ago because of what I was experiencing personally in my life. Then someone close to me, in fact 2 of them - shared their deep worries and thoughts. And I desperately wanted to help them. Then I realised that I was trying to fix them when there is in fact, nothing wrong with them.

They don’t need my advice. They know what to do. They need a space to be heard.

The only I could do is to write, and keep on writing. And so here are some practical steps to help lessen your worry load, as they did help with mine:

  1. Practice Deep Breathing

  2. Focus on the present moment

  3. Keep a journal

  4. Be in Action 

  5. Acknowledge your worries

  6. Let your worries out into the light.

  7. Get physical

  8. Take your worries on an adventure

  9. Cut yourself some slack

  10. Listen to Bob Marley

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