How to Get away from The Voices In Your Head

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Rebe Pascual

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Rebe Pascual

….. Oh I want to get away

I want to fly away

Yeah yeah yeah ……...

This song by Lenny Kravitz was stuck in my head as I completed my meditation this morning.

I just spent 3 wonderful weeks in Bali. And when I came home, my ears got bombarded with drillings from the construction at 7am, and my head suddenly got swamped with insecurities.

It’s so NOISY!!!

Bring me back to Bali, please….!!!!


But what came up for me was that even on holidays, there’s always noise in my head.

The funny thing is when I googled for “Noise in my head” what came up is TINNITUS, which is a physical condition that originate in the ear or head, which some describe as annoying and a nuisance that may go away and may or may not require medical treatment.

I had that before - the “ringing” but as soon as it arrives, it went away.

When the noise doesn’t go away and it affects your day-to-day activities, then something needs to be done.

The problem with a head noise when is caused by thoughts, if it gets bad, and if we don’t learn to manage the negative voices, we may not be aware that we become our thoughts. 

You are not your thoughts!

It’s important to understand that we have the power to choose whether to listen to those thoughts or to drop those thoughts.

And if we choose to stop listening to the voices in our head, note that it's NOT going to be easy. Yet it's possible quiet the voices, if you acknowledge the thoughts and be in the present moment.

The following are my 3 Steps to Taking a Holiday from Over-thinking.

Step 1: Be aware of the thoughts

We are always in thinking mode, whether conscious or unconscious, and I'm conscious of my thoughts that gives fear, anxiety and sadness power over my life.

Step 2: Acknowledge the thoughts

What I’m present to is that when I’m aware of those thoughts, I acknowledge the thoughts and I bring myself back to the present moment, by looking and seeing what I see, feeling what I feel and being grateful for the things I have and for the people around me.

You don’t have to go away to get away from your thoughts.

The ability to go on holidays is a wonderful experience and a privilege for some, and not everyone can afford the money and time to go away. Fact is you can’t run away from your thoughts and you can’t run away from reality.

Make right now your reality, not tomorrow, not yesterday, but right now.

When I came home from holidays - someone said to me, “It must be hard getting back to reality.”

But what if the reality is right now, wherever we are?

Step 3: TAKE A Pause

What if we tell ourselves - I Got This!

Right now, yes now, drop what you’re doing…


Take a deep breathe in….

Exhale everything out…..

Take another breath in….

And another.

Don’t forget to exhale out.

Take as many breath as you need...

To clear your mind

of noise and clutter

To let go of



To clear space

To listen to your soul

Really listen to what you’re saying to yourself

Only in the quietness,

Will your Truth show up.

Eyes close, take 5 more deep breathes (or as many as you need!)

You got this!

And then go plan your BIG BREAK!!!


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PPS. And…… let’s rock out to some Lenny Kravitz, shall we?