Beginners {Yoga} Guide to Canggu

Photo Credit: Heather Bonker

Photo Credit: Heather Bonker

I’m a Canggu virgin, oh well not anymore, since I’m writing this now.

There was fleeting memories of Echo Beach 4 years ago when i did a yoga photography with Heather Bonker, but that’s about it.

Friends raved about Canggu. They say it's like the new Ubud. But really it's so different.

I find Canggu to be like a mosquito bite that you can't stop scratching. It’s irritating and leaves a mark.

That’s how Canggu leaves me with, many bites and I’m still scratching.

It ticks all the boxes of yoga, beach, sun, smoothies, healthy coffee etc. ⠀

If only, there are proper (safe) pavements for walking and no ban on gojek (although there’s ways to get around it.)

This post is based on the fact that I didn't stay in Canggu; I stayed in Seminyak because

  1. I needed to stay in a Marriott Bonvoy hotel (so my hubs gets his points)

  2. I’m still a city girl at heart - loved the easefulness and convenience that Seminyak has to offer. She's my version of a city in Bali - has my familiars of cafes and shopping. I know the place at the back of my hand.

If you like to do “me” for your Canggu explorations, I’d recommend staying at the Four Points Sheraton (especially if you are Marriott Bonvoy Member) for a basic standard room is around S$100++ a night. It’s on the fringe of Canggu, located after the W Hotel in te Petitinget area, if you are driving up from the airport.

Otherwise there’s plenty of cheap accommodations in and around Canggu.

I gave myself 2 days of exploration, and here are my takeaways.


There are lots of yoga and fitness studios in Canggu and I chose to attend classes at The Practice, Desa Seni and Samadi Yoga in between shopping and meetings friends for brunch and sunsets.

Desa Seni

Desa Seni is the first studio you will come up upon on your drive toward Canggu.

It also has accommodations and serves as a retreat centre.

First class starts 715am/830am and last class 7pm. Most classes are 90 mins unless otherwise stated. They offer a variety of classes.

Drop in Rates for Foreigners is Rp140k.

Mats and other yoga props are provided. No need to book for regular classes - just show up 15 mins early to get a spot.

Only drawback is that there is no shower facility for drop-in unless you are one of the live-in guest. Pool is also only for guests.

The Practice

It’s quite a modern studio yet kept the Balinese Charm. My favourite of the studios I visited because it’s walking distance to the beach, shops and cafes.

And it’s also an area where I would choose for accommodations if I have the opportunity to explore Canggu again.

They are known for their 3 Core classes - Moon Hatha (ALL), Fire Hatha and Sun Hatha (INT). They also offer Beginner Hatha classes plus meditation and restorative.

First class starts 715am/8am and last class 6pm. Most classes are 90 mins unless otherwise stated

Drop in Rates for Foreigners is Rp150k.

Mats and other yoga props are provided. And you can shower too (though you need to bring your own towel.) No need to book for regular classes - just show up 15 mins early to get a spot.

They sell apparel onsite as well, so if you didnt bring your yoga clothes, no excuses, you can buy some. 🙂

Samadi Yoga

Samadi is located the furthest from Seminyak (and the nearest beach).

They have a multitude of classes including Fly High Yoga.

They have an in-house healthy restaurant, which makes up for the remoteness. Similar to Desa Seni, it also offers accommodations and serves as a retreat centre. No shower facilities.

First class starts 7am (Mysore) / 915am (regular) and last class 530pm/715pm. Class timing stated on schedule.

Drop in Rates for Foreigners is Rp140k. (Mysore drop in rp250K)

Mats and other yoga props are provided. No need to book for regular classes - just show up 15 mins early to get a spot.

Others yoga studios that I’d love to explore on my next trip:


Photo Credit: Unsplash / Nick Fewing

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Nick Fewing

If you have an International drivers license, rent a scooter. And Don’t forget to wear your helmet. The Canggu roads are narrow and a bit iffy so drive safely.

Otherwise you can grab a local taxi or hire a private driver for the day (roughly around rp500K for 8 hours)

OR get the restaurant, studio, beach class to call you one (it’s usually a fixed price if you get a private car, and if it’s a cab, ask for meter, if not, bargain with them for a reasonable price to get you home.)

And if you want to live dangerously, order a bike via the Go Jek app or a car via Grab app.

It’s “risky” because it’s not allowed; there are signs everywhere saying that transport via online apps are banned. (even if you book a blue bird cab via the bluebird app..)

This is because of the “local” taxi mafia - which have been operating in the same area for years. These guys have been charging a higher fixed amount, or a fixed price and the online guys are definitely cheaper.

There’s ways to get around it secretly though -

  1. Don’t tell the hotel/beach club that you are getting your car from an online app (look at your phone sparingly)

  2. Fix a pick up location a few metres away from your actual location.

  3. Must Msg the driver to confirm

  4. Note that 10% of the time, license plate does not match the license plate shown on the app.


Photo Credit: Unsplash / Carles Rabada

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Carles Rabada

There are 3 +1 distinctive sections of Canggu. I’ll identify them via Name of Beach > Name of road perpendicular to the beach > Nearest Popular Attraction.

Assuming you are coming from Seminyak, the nearest is

PANTAI BERAWA > Jalan Subak Sari > Finn’s

Close By:

  • Yoga studios: Desa Seni and Pranava

  • Finns VIP beach club (recently started free 8am yoga)

  • Splash Waterpark Bali

  • Body Temple Spa

  • Cafes: Madu and milk; Milu by Nook

  • Think Pink nails (top recommended nail parlour)

Photo Credit: ME!!!

Photo Credit: ME!!!

NELAYAN BEACH > Jalan Nelayan

Close by:

  • Yoga Studios: Serenity Eco Guesthouse / Yoga

  • Odyssey Movt

  • Canggu Studio

Pantai Batu Bolong > Pantai Batu Bolong Street > Old Man’s

Close by:

  • Old Man’s Bar

  • The Lawn

  • Yoga Studio: The Practice

  • Betelnut Cafe / Gypsy / Organic Cafe

  • Deus x Machina

ECHO BEACH > Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan > La Brisa

Close by:

  • La Brisa Beach Club

  • Como Uma Canggu

  • Dojo Bali co working

  • Namaste Cafe

  • Samadi Yoga / Samadi Vegan Cafe

  • Cosmo Oasis - collaborative yoga space and accommodations

  • Mustache Coffee Bali


Below are online resources I’ve used to navigate around Canggu:

That’s it folks!!

Let me know if there’s any other yoga studios in Canggu that I’ve missed out and is a must try on my subsequent visits because