You Make Today Better

Watch this Beautiful message by @twloha :

#YouMakeTodayBetter World Suicide Preventation Day is September 10.


We all have issues, negative core beliefs, stories, all the shit we carry as life-long baggage since young.

It’s all in the mind and at the extreme end of the spectrum, it’s called CRAZY!

And while watching Mind Hunter on Netflixlast night, one of the lead actors said, “How can we get ahead of crazy if we don’t understand crazy?”

Not saying we have to go get a PHD on crazy; we can never understand why people commit suicide, why there are wars, why are there are paedophiles, rapist, people being gunned down.... or closer to home, why our mums can’t stop nagging even though we are a ripe old age of 42!!

Right now, what we CAN do is - look around us.... really look and see who needs more LOVE and KINDNESS, and tell them “YOU MAKE TODAY BETTER”

This may not help everyone because some may not believe it but it may get you/them ahead of the ‘craziness’ to know that they matter.

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Erik Lucatero

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Erik Lucatero