The One Thing You Need To Calm Your Monkey Mind


Hey if you're like me, I tend to beat myself up for not doing the things I'm supposed to do when I'm supposed to do it or not,

Like sleeping at 10pm so I can have at least 7 hours sleep and wake up to meditate.

Like waking up early so I can get more things done.

Like not reaching for my phone first thing in the morning. 

Like getting my workout in for that day, be it yoga, running or gym.

Like not eating that piece of cake for breakfast.

Like doing the laundry.

Like eating healthy.

Like scheduling time to do my blog.

Like writing my blog.

Like not watching TV aimlessly.

Like reading the book that I bought 6 months ago and not gone beyond the first chapter.

The list goes on.

Then I did this one thing - that stunned my monkey mind….

 I gave myself permission to fail.

That was my lightbulb moment. All these things I’m supposed to do are my own rules, my own to-dos and my not-to-dos or things that I know is good for me - or they are things that need to be done “OR ELSE”. But GUESS WHAT?

I have the power to break my rules and to begin again.

You have the courage to Fail


It’s ok to fail. It doesn't make me or you a failure, but only that we've failed the task at hand.

Like yesterday, I didn't wake up early to practice yoga - so I told myself ok, I'll do it later at 4. Even brought my yoga stuff with me. 4 o'clock didn't become possible because we had lunch at 3pm. (And I had this rule not to workout so close after lunch. Another silly rule!)

So that brought us to 5pm, but it was so nice to hang out with my hubs, side by side, enjoying the late evening breeze. So I told myself TONIGHT.

And then it didnt work out either coz we had to go for dinner. And so YOGA didn’t happen.

Before we went out for dinner, I gave myself a good talking-to: “The program did call for 1 day of rest. And I have done yoga continuously for the last 3 days. So I'm calling today my rest day! So there!”

That was yesterday. Today I didn't wake up early,  but I gave myself another permission slip to sleep in and do a short 30 mins slow vinyasa flow.


Giving yourself permission to fail will not set you up for perpetual failure. It’s not even a promise to fail nor the easy way out to NOT do the work.

Instead it gives you access to forgiveness and self-love. BUT you still need to do the work!

In fact it doesn’t have to be about failing. That’s my story.

What is your story? What is getting in your way of being who you want to be for yourself and others?

That mental chatter is exhausting. I know how it’s like. If you only have the energy to try only one thing -

Give yourself permission to fail and begin again.

Or write yourself a permission slip for anything that gets in your way of Being Calm and Free or for anything that will you give you the courage to be who you want to be/feel for yourself and others.

I give myself permission to be happy

To love more

To be kind to myself

To write poems


Today, what do you give yourself permission for/to?

Today, what is 1 things great you did?