Are you Not-A-Yogi? Welcome to the Not-a-Yogi Guide

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[Not-A-Yogi Guide Part I - INTRODUCTION ]

What’s a "Not-A-Yogi" you may ask?

My definition of a true yogi is someone who is serene, compassionate, patient, who practises #yogaeverydamnday , who has a #dailymeditationpractice, has been to India, knows the sanskrit word to almost every pose, who is super flexible, can stand on their head or hands, is vegetarian, lives and breathes yoga etc.

But I’m not all that.


I meditate when I need to (like when I am feeling overwhelmed or when I know I have lots of stuff to do that day AND especially when I wake up uber EARLY).

I know a bit of sanskrit but not enough.

I am definitely NOT flexible. (Super tight everywhere; can't even bring my heels down in downward facing dog.)

I am what they call, the average normal human being who does things the best they (or their body) can do.

I am multi-passionate so I love yoga, pilates, HIIT, gym, running, dancing and I need variety in my life for sanity.

I get HANGRY! I eat healthy when I can, and I love vegetarian food, but I eat meat.

I'm proudly Not-a-Yogi.

I could call this a Beginners Guide to Yoga AND this guide is very useful for those starting out on their yoga journey. However I want this guide to be all-inclusive, so it'll benefit regular yoga practitioners - who wants more out of their practice. The first step is to drop what you know because if you think you know everything, then you won't grow.

"It’s good to not know everything, so I can be open to learning more about anything and I won't get stuck in what I know!”

Who is Not-a-Yogi? (Definition)

You are beginning to fall in love with yoga or already are (loving it). You may have just started yoga, or NOT YET and/or have been practising for awhile but are still struggling. You want to include yoga as an integral part of your lifestyle to balance everything else happening in your life. You just want to move and discover more about yourself through the practice of asana, meditation and self-discovery. You are willing to "fall apart" in order to grow and express out your “real you”. You HAVE the courage to get messy and be the best version of yourself at every moment.

The Goal of Not-a-Yogi Guide to Yoga

is to make yoga easy for every body and not putting you and yoga in a box. Like Baron says - "Yoga is not for everyone, but anyone can do yoga.”


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Yoga Styles

Part 3: About Iyengar

Part 4: About Bikram

Part 5: About Ashtanga

Part 6: ALL About Baptiste Yoga


With lots of Love,