Practice Love

Life is a practice. You are what you do each day.
— Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

Things don't get done when you are full of excuses, MAYBEs and WHATIFs. And life reflects what happens on my yoga mat and vice versa. I remember struggling in doing crow pose and the voices in my head goes:⠀

“I can’t.” ⠀

"My body is not made for this.”⠀

“I’ll never get it”⠀

“It’s impossible”⠀

“I’m not strong enough” ⠀

“I’ll break my wrist.”⠀

“What’s the point of practising, if I’ll never get it.”⠀ ⠀

****⠀ The crow is my nemesis, and I stopped practising it for a long time, because I was getting so frustrated and angry that I never can get it.

My teacher T always says to me - "You can do it Sophie. Think Less be more." 

But the voices in my head were louder than her voice. I was coming from a place of I CANNOT, the pose did not and will never happen.

But this weekend of practising the Journey into Power sequence at least 6 times, where the Crow is a staple in the Vitality sequence, I held my crow pose all the millionth times I was asked to do it! So maybe it wasn't as strong as the others, and I didn't hold as long as I could, but I'm so exhilarated that something which I wish I could, turned out I CAN do. And all I did was drop the "maybe one day" and the "cannot" and be a stand for being a YES I CAN! ⚡️

This applies to not only my asana practice, but in my practice as a teacher, my practice in giving hands-on assists and in my relationships with others.

The CANNOT is just my story and the story is not true. This simple shift in the mindset is giving me so much possibilities for tomorrow and what's possible for me right now is to be a certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher by Dec 2017 and to apprentice in the @baptisteyoga #level1 in Thailand next year. My dreams are amazingly becoming a reality.

This is my new practice - to come from a place of love, because when you come from a place of love, you can do no wrong.

When you come from a place of love, you can do no wrong.
— #sophiecanquote

Where in your life are you playing small? If anything is possible, what would you do?