My first Yoga Podcast - a "live" 60mins Baptiste Power Flow Class


I'm so proud of myself. Because ME, the self-proclaimed IT noob, managed to record her first class on her Iphone, airdropped it to her MAC, download it on Soundcloud, and post it HERE! Woohoo! For the first time, the gods of the techy world was favouring me, and EVERYTHING WORKED!!!

*do a little dance

The perfectionist in me says - I have to rework the layout of the page, but it's perfect for right now!

My first class online!!!! Woohoo! If you have 60 mins, try it and let me know what you think!! xoxoxoxo

Here's the Link Again - 60Mins Baptiste Flow June 24, 2017


Sending you an enormous hug and so much love , 



P.S. Hey! I would love your feedback on my first "live" class! What is good that I can KEEP doing? What do I need to DROP? And what can I ADD to make my class AWESOMe-R?