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Exceed Yourself To Find Your Exceeding Self

Exceed Yourself To Find Your Exceeding Self

This week we explore what it means to exceed ourselves in order to find our exceeding self which is the 4th principle of the Eight Universal Principles for Stepping up to the Edge by Baron Baptiste taken from his book -“Journey into Power”.)

The learning here is to be ok with the decision not to step over the edge, and instead stay with whatever is coming up and surrender with easefulness.

And if you do step off the edge, can you move forward without brute force but with kind determination.

Growth Is the Most Important Thing There Is

Growth Is the Most Important Thing There Is

Where in your Life are you staying in your comfort zone?

The thing is what's wrong with staying in the comfort zone?


It's safe. It's safer than not knowing what will happen beyond the comfort zone. What's beyond the comfort zone is scary! Because there is uncertainty and you're scared of what you don't know.

But what's possible beyond the comfort zone? Beyond your Edge?


And the opportunity to test your secret super power of Courage.

The 3rd principle of Baron's Baptiste's "8 Universal Principles of Stepping up to the Edge" is about acknowledging that Growth is the Most important there is and that in order to grow, you need to accept your Fears as it is. Your fears are stopping from what you want to make happen in your life.