12 Laws of Transformation

Photo by  Chris Lawton  on  Unsplash

Law 1: Seek the Truth

The highest form of repentance is self-acceptance.

Law 2: Be Willing to Come Apart

Don’t make things happen, allow them to happen.

Law 3: Step out of your comfort zone

Drop the patterns and stories of the past & step out of your comfort zone.

Law 4: Commit to Growth

No matter what comes up, we learn to STAY right where we are.

Law 5: Shift your Vision

Develop a heart of faith and take the leap of faith.

Law 6: Drop What you Know

We don’t change by thinking; we change by being and doing with a pure intent.

Law 7: Relax with What is.

The key is in noticing and not reacting.

Law 8: Remove the Rocks.

We don’t have to solve any of our problems. Our problems will give us up.

Law 9: Don’t Rush the Process

Everything in life has a natural order and rhythm of unfolding.

Law 10: Be True to Yourself

Look within to discover what you know in your heart to be right and then act on it.

Law 11: Be Still and Know

Stop the busyness, planning, running around, accumulating and stressing about things.

Law 12: Understand that the whole is the Goal.

You cannot do wrong in one part of your life and expect to do right in all the others.

These laws of transformation are principles by which we can live and grow. They can act as a beacon of light on the high road toward truth and whole-life health. The more closely we cleave to these principles and natural laws, the more effortlessly we will be changed. To the degree that we choose to live by them, our life flows. To the degree that we reject them, we struggle.

- “The Twelve Laws of Transformation,” from 40 Days to Personal Revolution, by Baron Baptiste

The answer to “how” is to be in the Present moment.

Growth happens a little at a time, little by little, step by step, breath by breath, moment by moment.

Growth does not happen yesterday, which is the past which is a memory. Nor will it happen tomorrow, which is the future, which is a fantasy.

Growth and Real change happens in in the now, because right here, right now is all you’ve got.”

We say that nothing will change. But it’s because we get so caught up in our old stories of ….

I’m not good enough.

I’m not worthy.

Who am I?

It’s not me.

I don’t deserve it.

It’s not my problem.

I can’t do this.

…… that we believe as true AND IT’S NOT!

And the question is DO YOU WANT REAL CHANGE?

If you do, what we can do is instead of doing nothing is to do something to rock the boat and create real change.⠀And the only way to change is to be in action, change the words you say to yourselves and commit to growth.

P.S. We explore each of these laws during the “40 Days to Personal Revolution” program. We discuss how it shows up in our practice and lives and explore what comes up when we are not aligned vs when we are aligned. And at the same time, we do yoga, we meditate, we eat healthy, we journal - all rituals of a wholelistic lifestyle!

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