A Love Letter to Myself: You Matter

Dear Me,

Just in case you’ve forgotten:

You matter.

You are a contribution.

You are loved. 

You are worthy.

You are enough.

With all the love and light in the world,


CAN WE pause

for one second and say this to ourselves:

I am enough!

Sometime we forget that we are a contribution to ourselves. It had to take someone to say this to me - 

You are a contribution. #truthbomb

You may think you are not.

yes you are.

You are worth it! 

You are enough!

What you have to say is important! Full Stop.
We are all a contribution, no matter who are, what you do, what you say………..


Stop putting yourself down. Stop being negative. Stop worrying! Everything will be ok in the end. And if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.

you matter!

You are enough as you are!

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