The Eight Universal Principles for Stepping Up to the Edge

Photo Credit: Unsplash / leio-mclaren

Photo Credit: Unsplash / leio-mclaren

There are 8 Universal Principles to Stepping up to the Edge, according to Baron Baptiste in his book - “Journey in Power”.

Principle 1: We are Either Now Here or Nowhere

Principle 2: Be in the Now and You’ll Know How

Principle 3: Growth is the most Important Thing There is

Principle 4: Exceed Yourself to Find Your Exceeding Self

Principle 5: In Order to Heal, You Must Feel

Principle 6: Think Less, Be More

Principle 7: We are the Sum Total of Our Reactions

Principle 8: Don’t Try Hard, Try Easy

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Where in your life are you sitting on the edge? 

 For someone who's afraid of heights, standing over the edge of my balcony on the 23rd level, gives me the jitters.

Another way to describe the Edge is to do Chair Pose for as long as the Teacher holds you there, and go lower even though your legs are on fire and staying.

It is the end of your comfort zone, the line between safe and unsafe.

My edge right now is my anger. I'm sitting on the edge, it's simmering but yet I'm not reacting because it’s safe, which makes me a very good yogi. In truth, my response is I'm resisting it and running away from it.

What are your edges? Where are you sitting on the fence?

Is there something that you are hiding that you are putting aside for the better of humankind or closer to home - family and work? What are you afraid to do for fear of judgement and failure.

Principle No. 5 - “in order to heal you must be feel" clicked for me as I was listening to Jack Kornfield’s meditation where Jack talks about responding to emotions that show up with kindness and understanding rather than to react harshly.

Jack says the more you name the emotion whenever it comes up, the more friendly it becomes and has less hold over you.

If you name the emotion whenever it comes up, the more friendly it becomes and has less hold over you.
— Jack Kornfield

I realised that though I acknowledge there was anger, but I did not name it. I used all the yoga tools I knew in the world like meditating, getting present in the moment, forgiveness plus escaping into my world of romantic novels, to drop the anger, but in actual fact, in not facing my emotions, I can’t get away from it.

That’s when this principle clicked. I got the book out and started reading.

I acknowledge there’s more work to be done, and I’m grateful that this work will also allow me to share more of the Baptiste Methodology with you here.

Right now the 8 universal principles maybe just words for you on this page and as Baron says, they may not resonate with you until you are ready.

I will slowly share my thoughts on the principles as they come up.

I’m ready to step up to my edge.

Are you ready?


Would love to hear where your edges are in your life, teaching and practice. Please share in the comments below. x

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