What Is Special About You?

Photo Credit: Unsplash / catalina-morales

Photo Credit: Unsplash / catalina-morales

It's a damn good question.

I don't know about you, I don't usually think much about what's special about myself, do you?

This question came up during a course I’m doing. I wrote down some answers but I knew it was barely scratching the surface.

 I got stuck because in my head, I was thinking -I don’t want to blow my horn. But really is what I do really special? Am I special? I don’t think I’m special. I know I’m a contribution in a way. But I'm not doing enough. I don't teach much these days. I should count my blessings because I’ve a great life, but I feel like I'm regressing from my invented life. What is so special about my life? What is so special about me?

My biggest fear is I’m not good enough.

And I could choose to sweep by this question or stay in the discomfort.

I choose to stay. I’m a Yes to discovering what’s possible by giving up my fears.

After all, this is just an exercise. If I can write about what’s good about my day, I can write about what is good about myself. Right?

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Mert Talay

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Mert Talay


I’m ready.

What is special about me is that........

  • I’m a happy person and I like to make others happy…..

  • (But really) I have sadness.

  • My lie is I'm not good enough. 

  • I'm struggling with anxiety, guilt and shame.

  • I'm working on dropping the concern of looking good and seeking approval.

  • I've a lot of clutter in my mental space (and in the 3rd bedroom)

  • I love being silly and making other people laugh.

  • I laugh at my own jokes. (what's wrong with that!)

  • I have a great smile.

  • My husband loves MEE!!!!!!! 

  • I have the inner courage and lots of love to give. 

  • I'm a certified Baptiste yoga Teacher.

  • I write about Baptiste Yoga and how it empowers me and shapes my life today.

  • …………………

That’s not so bad. Hahah


Your turn.

So let me ask you:

What's special about you?

What are you good at?

What are you passionate about?

What's your story?

What do you want to people to know?


You have the choice to do this and if you do this, do it mindfully and with kind awareness.

It is an important question as it will give you access to write the truth of what you see of yourself from your heart, not from the head.

You need this.

Take out your journal. Take a deep breathe. And start writing and keep writing. No filters. No judgement. No rushing.

If you need a day or 2 think about it, do that. [P.S It took me a week.]

If you need help, choose 3 of your closest friends, tell them you’re doing a project and ask them to name 3 things good about you.

And if you are ready to share, write in the comments below what came up for you.