The 3 Themes of Baptiste Yoga

Photo Credit: Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

Photo Credit: Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

Be a Yes

As a creation, not a concept. Put your attention on what you want to have happen and be for it.

Be a yes by confronting your No. Yes expresses your willingness to claim your power and use it to discover the real meaning of commitment.

When have you said no when you wanted to say yes. Pause and allow yourself to slow down and experience what you are right now. Tell the truth.Where today can you be a yes? Are you willing to set the intention to embody it fully

Give up what you must

Bring into view and let go of the fixed drishtis (perceptions) and tadasanas (positions) that thwart and constrain you.

Let go of that which isn’t serving you Give up the thought that whatever is happening within your body right now should not be. Whatever you meet unexpectedly in that pose. or in your life, is not an interruption of the flow but rather a part of it. What are you holding on to?

Come from you are ready now

Move, breathe and have you BEING from “Right now is all I’ve got.” Make the higher call at each step.

This is it. All you have is right now. You are ready now to awaken everything that comes up in each moment.

What are you a Yes for in one word?
— Baron Baptiste

Journal Questions:

1) What are you a Yes for in your life, teaching and practice?

2) What do you need to give up to be a Yes?

3) What is possible if you come from a place of anything is possible?


“Perfectly Imperfect” by Baron Baptiste