Inner Thighs Obsession + 3 mins Clam Series

Hey there. You know how it is when we are pressed for time. Like I am pressed to post this tutorial, because it was long overdue, not because I didn't post it but I did it in the wrong format. #newbloggerwoes

I am still a fish out of the water with this blogging thing so patience patience patience! (talking to myself! lol)

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Here you go:

3 mins clam series TUTORIAL

No of Exercises: 6
Time Taken: 3 mins approx. [Both sides]

Ex. 1) Clam x 10
Ex. 2) Knee2Knee & Toe2Toe x 10
Ex. 3) Bent Knee Pulses (up) x 10
Ex. 4) Knee to Chest Pulses x 10
Ex. 5) Bend & Extend x 10
Ex. 6) Straight Leg Pulses x 10


Muscle Focus: Top Glutes, Outer Hips , Hamstrings

Areas to Focus:

  • Keep hips and shoulders stacked

  • Use abdominals to keep pelvis from rocking

  • Engage the bottom side obliques and upper back + shoulders, by pressing the forearm down. This also prevents you from sinking into shoulder joint.

  • Important to move mindfully with eccentric control

Try out each exercise on its own and do 8-16 reps of each. Don’t worry about the timing.


  • Prop yourself up on your hand

  • Add leg circles at the end

  • Double the reps (ie 20 instead of 10)

  • Add this as part of your overall daily workout

Important Note/Disclaimer:

  • Always consult your health care provider and obtain full medical clearance before practicing yoga or any other exercise program. Note that not all yoga poses are suitable for all persons. Modify when you need and if unsure, practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor, in addition to the direction of your healthcare provider, can also help determine what poses are suitable for your body.

  • If you are just starting out, it’s ok to rest between the exercises. Don’t worry about the timing. Just try your best, and you will get stronger with practice. 

  • If you are feeling a little stronger, you can attempt to move through the 6 exercises without stopping. 

  • Breathing is very important in a flow. In the description below each of the exercises, I have listed the recommended breathwork ; however if its hard to follow, then just do it and just follow your own breath pattern. 

Most importantly —————-
Don’t forget to breathe! Be mindful about how your body feels, and rest whenever needed. . ♥♥♥

The "Clams" exercise may look easy BUT after a couple of reps, you'll feel it! It's perfect for days when your inner thighs feel like they overlapping each other.

 With lots of Love, Hugs and Light,