My Baptiste Yoga Story

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Is the year where we start the Baptiste Yoga Singapore Revolution! I am very excited to be part of this potentially potent community to share my love for the style of yoga that transformed me and inspired me to become a yoga teacher.

The spark flew in 2012 in my first Baptiste yoga experience with the 40 Days to Personal Revolution with Tryphenia Chia. And it simmered for a 2-3 years whilst I got my 200 hour teachers voice on.

It got reignited when I signed up for Baptiste Level 1 in Norfolk in 2016. The same year I met Baron Baptiste when he came down to Singapore and I had the good fortune to assist his Powered by Art workshop organised by Lululemon.

I also found my kindred spirit, my yogi buddy, my partner-in-crime in Natasha Benson from Alpha Balance, who gave me my first Baptiste-Yoga class to teach.

And I am super grateful, that Dr Trish Corley from New Angle Yoga, decided to grace our shores with her presence and her passion for Baptiste Yoga. She planted the seed for the monthly Teachers Practice and I am very privileged to be co-facilitating this revolution with her.


Out of my level 1 experience, I’m committed to get certified in Baptiste Yoga in 2017. I’m committed to extend the boundaries of being of service to others by teaching community classes. I’m committed to dance at the edge of the envelope by hopefully assisting a first Baptiste Level 1 in Asia. I am committed to establishing new playing fields by creating the possibility of a Baptiste Yoga Singapore community where it does not yet exist. I welcome surprise and adventure in being a Yes to spreading the Baptiste Yoga love to everyone. I’m committed to be one of life’s major players in my Baptiste Yoga local community and start a revolution with the current Baptiste Teachers in Singapore.

Norfolk, UK | 08.10.2016


It has happened! 

Baron says “The Answer is How is a Yes!”

I’m a YES to a possibilities and dreams. :)

Today I'm a Tier 1 Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, and sharing my love of Baptiste Yoga in Singapore.

I currently teach Baptiste Power Flow classes on Mondays at 7-8pm; Fridays 815-915am and alternate Saturdays from 1030am-1145am at A-Space Duxton. Click HERE for details.

And click HERE to know more about Baptiste Yoga Singapore.