5 Steps to Get Unstuck (When You feel Uninspired and Hopeless)


Holidays are meant to be relaxing but it sucks when you suddenly find out that you won’t have much work in the new year, because the studio that you are teaching closed down for business.

The funny thing was that I was less worried about dying as we arrived when typhoon “Nok-Ten" was about to hit the mainland, and more anxious about not having any income. I guess with death - all the worries disappear, so we worry no more. With no income, we worry about how to survive in uber expensive Singapore. Its kinda scary to think that I’d rather die instead of facing my challenges head-on! No, I’m not that moronic. I am a survivor and I will keep doing what I can do to the best of my ability.

"Let us wallow because In order to Heal, we must Feel so that we will be forced to take action!"

We are 2 weeks in the new year - My mind is slowly shifting to the possibilities of doing my own classes and teaching more Baptiste Yoga. In a way as well, having all this time is a blessing in disguise, because it is allowing me time to write, something that I never I could do, but I have all the intentions to see it through.

I am going to start right NOW and I am going to start by writing my Highs and Lows to see what happened in the PAST, that worked or didn’t worked also list down my FUTURE to see what I can look forward to.



  1. I finally did the style of yoga that had me fall with yoga in the first place. I went for Baptiste Level 1 in Norfolk UK. It opened my eyes to possibilities if I was a yes to becoming a certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher; If I gave up what I must and if I come from where I am ready right now.
  2. I assisted Baron Baptiste when he came to Singapore and got my first experience of getting my outfit sponsored by Lululemon.
  3. Started teaching my first Baptiste Inspired Yoga with Alpha Balance.
  4. Did my first online collaboration with MILFF.tv
  5. New nephew Adam born which adds to my collection of 2 nieces and 2 nephews.
  6. My youngest sister got married!
  7. I visited Myanmar and Boracay - 2 places to tick off my bucket list.
  8. Cooked more!
  9. Organising my first IG challenge for Alpha Balance.
  10. Co-leading the Singapore Baptiste Yoga Teachers Movement.
  11. Started blogging.



  1. Made the decision to leave ShopJOM.
  2. Hurt my best friend’s feelings.
  3. Mum got really sick.
  4. Left Yoga Movement, my yoga home of 2 years.



  1. Signed for the African Yoga Project mentorship program where I’ll be mentoring and financially supporting a new African teacher in Baptiste methodology.
  2. Doing my own classes (*gulp)
  3. I am going to be 40 in April and I am planning a Bali getaway with the girls.
  4. I am doing Baptiste Level 2 in July.
  5. Proud to be one of the leaders of the growing Baptiste Yoga Singapore community


  • No income


It’s surprisingly healing! The writing!

There's a lot to be grateful for and should be a cause for celebration.

It’s funny that I was so stuck 2 weeks ago - not knowing what to say what to do and how to react. And I couldn’t even write.

Arianna Huffington says - Our attention is the fuel that drives our lives. No matter what people say they value, what matters is where they put their attention; technology eats into our lives, todos or unfinished projects eats our attention."

So I am doing this. I am going to write. I want to let go of my todos and have regular tech detox. I want to write to inspire, I want to write to show people that you dont have to be a yogi to do yoga. I want to write to make an impact on people around me, because when I write, I am not only helping them but also helping myself.

So here's my 5 Steps to Get Unstuck:

  1. Start with a journal/diary
  2. Make time to write
  3. Drink coffee, tea or whatever you need for the extra brain boost
  4. Start writing your Wins for the current year, or period
  5. Journal your goals and what you want happen for the upcoming year or period

And write with no filters or judgement. The hardest is to actually get started, but trust me once you start, you'll feel much better.


BONUS - Click here for my free Pdf of my 5 Steps to get Unstuck.


What do you do to get unstuck? 

Would love to hear about it. Write in the comments below!