Why we should prioritise our Breath

Your breath is the most important thing there is.

It is our lifeforce. Our prana. Our qi.

Our breath is so much a part of us that we take it for granted. We breathe automatically, without thinking , because we can. And yet we take our breath for granted.

When we move, we breathe. Even in moments of stillness, we are still in constant state of motion energetically within our body because we never stop breathing. And our mind doesn't stop thinking. It's human to breathe and to think.



Meditation is one way to bring love to your breath and your inner energy.

I used to think that meditation is all about being very still and not allowing any thoughts enter my mind. Maybe the ancients and those well-practiced in meditation like the monks have the magical ability to meditate for long hours at a time.

I find it hard to sit still. I have tried to cultivate a 10 mins daily practice for a few months now (with a day off or two) and I’m not really sure if I’m doing it right. But I am doing it and practising it. Maybe with time it’ll become clearer and easier. But I don’t believe that’s the the only way of meditating at least to me. This super busy non yogi ME rebels every single time I sit, but I kept showing up. I was curious enough to stay and when one is open to possibilities, you'll figure out that there are other ways to "still the fluctuations of your monkey mind."

Meditation can happen anytime when you have a single point of focus/intention (drishti), when you make your breath your priority (ujjayi), when you create space, integrity and dedication (foundation); there's heat or passion (tapas) and there's a continous flow of energy either from physical movement, mental or just simply breathing (vinyasa).

When you practice yoga.

When you walk.

When you run.

When you do your housework.

When you do your homework.

When you fold your laundry.

When you eat.

When you work.

We are so used to being busy and multi-tasking then doing one thing at one time seem to be a lot - so says the person with a million to do list. But just try practising. Try being mindful about what you do. Try being more aware of how you are breathing.

Just try.

Find a way to. Just. Be.

Meditating is a way of being,
Connecting with ourselves from within.
To find a quiet time amongst the busyness of life.
Creating a space in between reality and dream state.
When we are awake yet actively sleeping.
It’s a time for us to
Connect with our breath.
To be an observer to our thoughts and not be attached to it.
To let our mind and body flow freely
Like how our breathe moves effortlessly.
To do things mindfully and not mindlessly.
To just be in the moment, and
Stay with whatever comes up, and be able to
Let it go.
It’s like the ebbs and flows of the waves,
Where the breath is the current, the sand - the state of mind;
Just watch the thoughts come and go,
And wait for the stillness which unfolds in the
Space in Between.