How to S T R E T C H Your Inner Strength (Not a Yoga Story!)



I like to think that I’m a patient and calm person!


In my moments of hangriness or T likes to call it - Sophie's I.H.D or my Impending Hunger Disaster!

I usually deal with this by warning the other party (in this case, T) of the potential altercation so he can stay far away and to “PLEASE STOP IRRITATING ME”! 😆

Yes I could also plan my meals so I don't get #hangry but accidents do happen!

However there are days when Im fed, yet I still get riled up with the things happening around me, like Murphy's Law - everything goes wrong one after the other.

And that leads to feelings of

Overwhelm > Anxiety > Frustration > Anger = SOPHIE MONSTER !

I could blame the time of the month for my inability to control my reactions. Really - I was trying to dig deep into my arsenal of anti-stress techniques but none of the yoga stuff helped! And there is no time to make camomile tea or diffuse lavender!

So for THOSE Days when Yoga or Meditating or Deep Belly Breathing doesn't help - here are my 5 tips on how to live your life (+others) safely

5 TIPS ON HOW TO Stretch your inner strength (& Patience)

  1. Take Aspirin / Neurofen / Panadol for that Blooming Headache

    (Yes you deserve it! I know you've sworn off those white pills! It is just one tiny one!

  2. Just keep GOING!!

    (You are stronger than this! Things HAVE TO get done!)

  3. Feel what you you Feel

    (Scream it out or or Cry or just stomp around the house! My words were "ARRGGHH! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!")

  4. Get out and GET A MASSAGE and/or FOOT REFLEXOLOGY!

    (Punching a punching bag is too much hard work; Hot bathes don't do it for me either, nor reading a book to distract me, nor calling my bff to talk about my feelings! Just pay that damn lady $60!)


    (Especially if you have accidentally hurt a loved one in your wake. And to the universe, if some poor girl over the phone from the bank got the worst of your wrath!)

**The above can be done in any particular order. My prayers are with whoever stands in your way on that day!

Practice of non-attachment

I feel that the more I control my feelings, the more I’m going to feed the anger which slowly builds up over time. It is like the "Obscurus" in the 2016 film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by JK Rowlings. (Great film by the way!) .

The Obscurus is a dark, destructive force inadvertently manifested by magical children to conceal their powers. The force can be unleashed during periods of anger and stress.

BUT There is no excuse for raising my voice.

I'm sorry!

That's all I can say.

I’m in the work of being a better person by managing my reactions being in a state of non-attachment, but it will require a lot of practice and I’m ready to do the work. .

My “hungriness” is a once-in-a-while feeling of madness. If it happens more frequently, please remind me! I can only try my best to be a better person next time, and I'll keep trying. It doesn't make me a bad person - just makes me human.

Thank you in advance for your forgiveness. x

Disclaimer:I’m not making any excuses for those with serious anger issues; who gun down people for no logical reason; start a war, those who beat up their wife, or verbally abuse their loved ones. (please seek help if you are inclined to hurt people!)