Why Meditate?


Do you feel overwhelmed with stuff - thoughts and todos running through your head ?

Or you catch yourself snapping at your kids, people at work, or your love ones?

Reacting automatically in anger, regretting your words much much later “I should not have said that”.

Words that hurt.

Meditation can help cut through all the chatter, anger and anxiety because the act of staying and breathing as create the all-important PAUSE, which gives you the space to step back from yourself and feel the reactiveness dissipate.

Be still and you will know.
— Baron Baptiste

I know that when I don't have that P A U S E to reset my mind, my thoughts will be in disarray.

When I have my P A U S E , I do the day much better.

It’s O K if I forget to pause.

Because I can start whenever and wherever I am.

Take a breather or as many breaths and just S T A R T .