If You Want To Be Light, You Have To Let Go


I had a chat with my brother-in-law this morning where he shared a story about a documentary he did on “Death” where he interviewed those in their last moments, and everyone of them had regrets of not letting go.

Not letting go of grudges, of beliefs that prevents them from loving fullest. Not forgiving.

I know you can't bring love to the nether world and when the time comes, it's between you and maker and the rest don't matter.

But isn't it a waste not to make good right now what can be good because of your ego?

And then you try to make good at the end of your life?

It may be a little too late then.

Or people who re-found religion at a later age - If you can forgive yourself for not being religious to start with, why can't you be forgiving and compassionate towards others?

It's a constant work to keep reminding ourselves let go of what does not serve us , so we suffer less and be more joyful.

And then when we have to leave, know that we have left with the goodness of all hearts and it's gonna be ok.