Is Love Enough? (Valentine's Day Musings)


šŸŒ·Valentine's is like any other day, right? It's not a holiday, it's a just one day in a year that everyone is reminded of Love - #selflove #nolove #missinglove #beingloved .

šŸŒ· I have been asking myself if just Love, on its own, is enough.

Paul Coelho says this

"Love without any expectations of being loved back."

And Osho says to experience Love -

"You need to give and give and give"

I am grateful to have someone who have so much love in his heart and soul that he gives all of himself to everyone he cares about.

I wish I can say that about myself. I realised that I am selfish about love because I worry about losing out because I never had alot. But love needs freedom, love needs space.

And a friend reminded me of my new way of being, which is of Love. I want to be of service, I want to share as much as myself to the world through yoga and dance but how can I do it authentically if I am not willing to let go and give in?

I have a lot to learn from this man, and unlearn my selfish thoughts.

So is Love enough? I think it is. I just need to learn to love myself, every person, thing, life, without expectations.

Albert Schweitzer has talked about ā€œreverence of lifeā€ all that lives is to be loved. Mahavira in India has said the same thing. His philosophy of ahimsa, non-violence, says to love all that lives. One can have reverence for things, too. That is the ultimate in love. You donā€™t only love that which lives; you love even that which simply exist. When one has come to a point that you love the whole of existence irrespective of what is - the love becomes unconditional. It is turning into prayerfulness, meditativeness, pure awareness.
— Osho