Love the Skin You're In


Let's be honest - we are our body's worst enemy.

There are days when I totally hate the way I look - my waist too thick, there are ugly folds under my braline, my ass too lumpy etc. And I know what you are gonna say to make me feel better - "You look great Sophie!"; "You are Beautiful!" But our insecurities are innate, built-in self-sabotagers since young - that's why I say sometimes we do feel ugly, unwanted and unloved even if we are surrounded by people who love us! Weird but c'est la vie! We are who we are, and as strong confident women (or men) we are or try to be - it is still something we struggle with on the inside. It is the truth.


Dancing "like no one's watching" - that makes me forget! Thats why you've been seeing alot of my dancing videos. Not because I am in a bad place. no it's because I want to rediscover my old love for exotic dancing.

Maybe dancing is not your thing! But i know you know in your heart, the THING that makes you JOYful, that when you do it everything else falls wayside! And for 5-10 mins or more, you are loving yourself more!😊 I am thinking of bring the concept of exotic dance online - my definition being more than sexy dancing - it is! 

Liberating your feet and body to move in your own natural, unique and special way.

🙃 If you have any ideas of what I can do, let me know. In the meantime, I'll just keep dancing in my own living room! 😍