Self-Loving Through Exotic Dancing ....

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A woman with a soul needs to express herself.
— Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Este, author of "Women Who Run With the Wolves"

The quote above pretty sums my feelings on self-love.

You can practice self-love in many ways - you can give up negative self-talk, trying to please everyone and comparing myself to others. You could also give back to the community. Physically you go for massages, facials, walks by beach, meditate and so much more etc.

I practice self-love by dancing among other things. Dancing makes my heart sing, and no matter how cliche this sounds, but I will dance like no one is watching.

1 fun non-yogi fact about me - I used to teach Exotic Dance for 5 years way back when.

What is Exotic Dance?

"Exotic dance is the body language of self love. It teaches you to move and stand tall to build that confidence. Whether it inspires desire in others, it doesn’t matter, what matters is how you feel on the inside.”

The term Exotic dance has its negative connotations thanks to the media. When we first started teaching exotic dance under “thebodytalks” umbrella way back in 2004 (scroll down for the story), we took time to educate the Singapore community about this style of dance, that it is more than taking the clothes off, dancing sexy or trying to look sexy.

In fact, there is no "trying to look sexy" - all woman are “sexy” in our own way. It’s a skill that it is innate in every one of us ladies - just needs a little nudge. But yet we are uncomfortable about being sexy.

I happened to chance upon Chen Lizra’s “Power of Seduction” TED talk , and I was mesmerised. Chen Lizra talks about the Power of Seduction in Everyday life. When I first told people I teach exotic dance, a few eyebrows will rise and what was difficult was to get people to understand that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be sexy or sensual but it's something we don't talk about much in society.

So if we don't talk about it, why not let our body feel it through dance?

I’m really excited to be leading the art of exotic dance in collaboration with A-Space on the 9th February 2018, Friday night 8-930pm. The cost is S$45 which includes a glass of prosecco.

HERE is the link to book your slots.


What can I expect during my Exotic Dance session?

You will learn how to dance. Full Stop.

But seriously, It is a liberating experience of sensual circular body rolls and core exercises inspired by Yoga and Pilates; you will move to slow old school slow familiar tunes and you’ll get to bring a home a simple choreography that you can practice in the comfort of your own room.

It is a safe space where you do not have show skin to feel sexy and confident , where fancy leggings are the new black dress, and it is ok not to be strong all the time.

These days “exotic dancing” comes in various multitudes like pole dancing, with a chair and especially fast music and where actual stripping is involved. My old bones desists all the quick sharp moves and well, I feel more comfortable doing things bit slower when I can feel every single inch of the stretch in the body. When I dance, I not only move, but I stretch - it is liberating feeling and that’s what I want you to feel in class. Anything is possible if you stretch that bit higher.

Here - you just have to be yourself and move according to how your body feels and I promise you a workout for the soul, filled with laughter and pure unadulterated fun.

What’s the benefit?

* Unleashes Confidence * Leaner, Longer, Lower Body * Cardio Vascular Strength * Smaller Waistline * Toned Legs * Great Dance Moves * Put the Spice Back in Your Life

What do I need to wear?

Anything comfortable to move in. No heels required. There’s no stripping involved. No experience needed.

I can't dance to save my life!

No dance experience required. Come as you are. You will learn to dance like no one's watching!

What choreography will I learn?

It'll be a super short routine, no fast moves, we'll move to how our body feels, and modifications are always given.

Here are some videos from my past classes so you have an idea.

XO by Beyonce

Got it by Marian Hill

History of Exotic Dance in Singapore

Exotic Dance in Singapore started in Feb 2004 under “thebodytalks”, which was the first studio that introduced exotic dance and pole dancing to the female masses in Singapore. They started teaching to Salsa dancers in Attitude Dance studio (now defunct) and moved to their own studio in Keong Saik Road the year after.

We performed in various events like CHINGAY 2005, National Day Parade 2009, Salsa congresses in Malaysia, Philippines, Los Angeles and New York, taught/performed for Club Med Bali/Bintan to name a few.

“thebodytalks” was also the first to bring in pole dancing to Singapore, and right now, there are a few pole studios around town that celebrates the beauty and the acrobatic skills of some of our Singapore ladies like Acropolates, SLAP Dance studio, Brass Barre etc.