Why every Woman should do a Boudoir Photoshoot ?


I am guilty of negative self-talk. Sometimes it's hard to look at my own body and not be self-critical. These photos were taken in 2016, and I actually started this post with these words in bold - "Disclaimer: These photos are taken 3 years ago and not at all a representative of my body today."

What the!

I'm re-writing this a day before I go live.

I don't want to hide the truth. My fear is you might zoom in and criticise my body as I do too. That you may think I am vain.

I am human and I have my insecurities and yet I want to be able to share with you the possibilities dropping the negative thoughts. It is always going to show up; the voices in the head do not know how to shut up. But I'm choosing to let it go, and say:

I'm beautiful. I'm sexy. I love my body. I give up negative self-talk.

My words make my life. And beauty has to come from the inside and especially from the words you say to yourself.

Right now..........

I acknowledge that I cannot fight my genetics. I am an endomorph aka I am a fat retainer - soft body, generally short and gains muscles and fat very easily but finds it difficult to lose fat. I have a big butt and I cannot lie. That’s me!

So I'm embracing me as my 40 year old self today. Softer, and more woman. I yoga, I run, I lift weights and I dance in my own heart. I eat to make me happy.




1) It's Ok to be Vain

2) It is important to do something for yourself NOW.

3) It gets you in touch with your feminine/sensual side

4) You can wear that lingerie that you’ve bought, but never used because it’s too uncomfortable to wear or impractical for bed time.

5) It’ll be a great gift for that special someone.

6) You can turn into a girly session! I did mine with my bestie! We had a sleepover at M Hotel, we got a make-up artist to make us look pretty and spent 2 memorable hours doing hilariously sexy poses.

7) It makes you feel secretly good inside.

8) Memories!

9) You may not have the time or the money later.

10) It's a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. A really good photographer will bring our your true essence and will not make you look trampy (unless that’s the look you’re after)

Important things to note

1) Photographer These were the rates back then. I used * Soul Deelight - $220 per hour for at least 2 hours with around 50 edited photographs.  It was a delight having her as our photographer (no pun intended), and I have used her for another “fully-clothed” shoot.

Other options: * Chen Sands  - $400 per session with around 50 edited photographs. Whole gallery $1250 and per file is $70 * The Boudoir Photographer  - $500 per sessions with digital images from $2K for 30 edited images

I found a couple of others online as well: * Bamboo shoots * Annabel Law  * A male photographer (if you are cool with this)

I’d recommend that you contact the photographers directly for the rate and have a discussion about what you need; have a feel of their images on the website; and consider what you can afford. Also speak with them and make sure you are comfortable with them.

2) Make Up I prefer natural make-up and hair. I've done a couple of photoshoots, where I asked for natural, and I felt I looked like I'm about to do a chinese opera show, because they say you have to put a heavier coat so it'll show up in the pictures? Eek! I guess  I could do it myself - but I don't have the right tools. Since I started teaching yoga, I don't really need the foundations and multi-palette eyeshadows.

Thus I'd highly recommend investing in a good make-up artist (MUA). Some of the photographers would have their own as well.

For this photoshoot - we used Michelle Chin who is a very highly skilled MUA. She charges $150/pax and $270 for 2, plus transport fee of $50. Check out her website here.

Another MUA I'd highly recommend (she did my make up for my ROM recently) is Gin Lee, who is a friend of a friend. She charges market rate of $150 for ROM, PROM, GALA, EVENTS. Her email address is ginettlee@gmail.com . Her website and instagram page is coming up soon.

3) Create a story Have a storyline in your head during the session. It makes it slightly less uncomfortable. If you have different outfits, have a different scenario for each.

4) Give up negative self-talk Don’t be so hard up on those dimples on the butt cheek or the folds under the belly. Embrace what your vessel which is your body. After all, your pictures may not see the world!! It’s for your eyes only!

Blessed is the one who can love with utter abandon
— Anastasiya Lazurenko | Pearly Gates