25 Ways to Practise Self-Love

  1. Dance like no one is watching

  2. Drop negative self-talk

  3. Book a Javanese body massage

  4. Slather Victoria Secret's body lotion after your shower

  5. Do a DIY facial mask weekly

  6. Bling up the nails

  7. Get a New Hair colour

  8. Go dancing with your girlfriends

  9. Yoga

  10. Plan a Weekend getaway

  11. Read trashy novels

  12. Meditate

  13. Practice Pouting

  14. Sleep in your birthday suit

  15. Cuddle/Hug someone you love daily

  16. Boudoir photography

  17. Minimal make up or no make up

  18. Stop comparing myself to others

  19. Decadent Spa afternoon

  20. Stop trying to please everybody

  21. Wear red lipstick

  22. Eat dessert and not care about calories

  23. Get 8-9 hours of sleep

  24. Don't squelch your feelings! Feel whatever you are feeling.

25. Do something you love! Do something that lights you up! Do something that makes you smile from the inside out!