This month I will challenge - Instructions



This is your monthly MINI-GOALS PLAN that will help you achieve your goals or resolutions one month at a time. It will - help to stop the overwhelm - give access to do the things you’ve always want to do, but never got around to doing.


I created this challenge because I wanted to start doing the things that never gets done because it's either not urgent or not important enough; and yet I know that doing them will bring joy. This is also my way to do the small things that do matter in the long run.


1) Do a brain dump! If you have read and is IN ACTION of the "7 steps to Meeting your New Year's Resolutions" that you are already did the hardest part of this work. Good Job!

If not, don't worry! You can still do a brain dump WITHOUT going through the 7 steps. HERE'S HOW.......

  • You NEED a journal or several pieces of paper.

  • Set the timer for 2 mins and answer this question in your journal -

"Where can you create possibility and growth in your practice / teachings / life?"What activities/goals/things that you’ve always wanted to do, but never got round to doing. What makes you happy? Is there anything that you've stopped doing for some reason, and would like to get back into it? Is there something new you want to learn? Is there any habit that you’d like to make or break?

Keep writing anything that comes up. And even if the timer goes off, you can keep on writing or come back to it later.

2) Choose at least 12 GOALS and recreate it to be simple, specific and measurable. It can be a one-off goal or a daily challenge.


* Drinking a glass of warm water every morning for 14 days

* Practice 60 mins yoga every day

* Sign for up for a dance class * do a 30day cyogalab challenge

* Stop eating chocolates for 21 days

3) On a new page, at the top write "THIS MONTH, I WILL…", and below it, write down the 12 MONTHS of the year, with 2-3 blank lines in between. Next to the month, write down your CHOSEN MINI-GOALS.

There can be more than 1 per month, if you prone to overwhelm like me, I'd highly recommend doing just 1 per month, and not more than 3 (if you must).

4) Look at your list, and ask yourself again if it its simple, specific and measurable? Does it make you happy or are you doing to please others? Will it be able to fit into your lifestyle or do you need to reduce it down to 1 or simplify the goal even more?

Make any necessary changes, and do note that you can change your list any time during the year.



If it’s one off-goal, be in action of researching what needs to be done to make it happen. If it's needs to be done daily, like a habit you want to create or break; choose how many days you want to do it for.


This January, I have 3 mini-goals:1) I will find a dance class and take a class.2) I will do at least 30 mins of movement for 28 days.

I love to dance - enough said. I know there’s Zumba with Rhomeiny every Mon, Wed and Friday mornings - I have scheduled in my calendar to attend this Friday’s class at 10am!

For my daily challenge, I am following Blogilates 2018 Reset Challenge . It is not Yoga.. but ahem I am a Pilates teacher and this Pilates teacher has been slacking off on her core workouts. it’s 28 days because my ROM is on Jan 28th. Perfect timing or what.

I have downloaded the FREE PITT 28 Starter Calendar with clickable links to Cassey’s workout videos. CLICK HERE for instant access!

No use planning if you don't plan to do the work, right?


To succeed in achieving your goals, you MUST SHARE!!!!!

Tell your friends & family and/or shoutout to the world via instagram or Facebook.

**If you are sharing on social media, create your own hashtag like mine is #thismonthsophiewill2018 so you can track your progress over the month, or to reflect on what worked and what didn't work so you can do better the next month.


YOU choose how long you want it to be i.e. it doesn’t have to be a full 30 days challenge and you can start any time. Do what makes you happy, and be realistic. Choose what will suit your lifestyle and what you think will make a positive impact in your life. Just remember that you are doing it for you and not for others, and if you miss a day, so WHAT! It’s your journey. Don’t ever let yesterday determine what happens today.

Have fun!


Here's my commitment to those who are doing this challenge! (Good on you!) I will be posting monthly reminders via my instagram @amipoweryoga and on facebook @ .

if you want to follow my daily journey, you can find me on my personal instagram @cuteyogapants