How to Make Yoga Easy [Part 2]


Have you read my one essential advice on how to make yoga easy? If you missed it, click here!

In a nutshell - You can make yoga easy by changing your mindset.

And then?

Some of you may think - “Wah! Changing mindset! So ‘chim' ah! Cannot lar. I still feel intimidated. Ok maybe I work on 'chasing' my mind to change first, and then I’ll do yoga.”

And It’ll never happen.


Perhaps it's not the the time for you to do yoga. Like my boyfriend don’t do yoga - at all! I spent months trying to persuade him, threatening him with tears, as I was desperate to practice teach and I had no one to teach, then cajoling him with benefits. But I know in my heart, I can't force anyone to do something if they don't want to do it, even for love. :) If you LOVE, you'll let it go.

I did. It’s just not his time. I’m an optimist. One day, he will! [Yes Tooks!!! xox]

But if you do want to do yoga - and yes you have all the valid concerns on why you are not doing it, ACKNOWLEDGE your concerns! DROP your concerns and BOOK THAT DAMN CLASS.

If you are #YOGAREADY to take the next steps - here are my 10 Steps:

Step 1: Book that class. If you don’t schedule it in, it will NEVER happen.

Step 2: Pack your yoga attire the night before and make sure you’ve got both top and bottom and not 2 tops.

Sssh... It has happen to me! And it'll be a perfectly good excuse not to practise, but studios these days carry the latest in yoga activewear! lol #NOMOREEXCUSES

Step 3: SHOW UP!! And Come 10-15 mins to book your mat space.

It's nice to be early especially if it's your first time at the studio. You can get used to changing room, the studio and you are not in rush and you know how it is, when you're almost late something.

I’d recommend taking a mat in somewhere in the middle, if not corner nor back - fengshui not so good. :P

Step 4: When you feel like bolting, keep saying this to yourself - “I have the courage to be HERE” “I am here to get stronger” or whatever sayings that rock your boat.

Step 5: SIT quietly on your chosen mat and plaster a SMILE and try to ignore the other yogis around you who might doing their own thing - a handstand, vinyasa, downward dog.

Or you could try to smile authentically to whomever smiles authentically back to you.

Or you can close your eyes, and pretend to meditate. (or really meditate if that’s in your practice. :)

Step 6: PUT YOUR HANDS UP if the teacher ask if there’s any one NEW TO YOGA in class.

If you’ve practised less than a year, and only once in a while or less than 10-20 times, that’s still considered NEW. So be brave and put those hands up! Personally - I want to know so I support you in your practice in every way I can.

Step 7: Take CHILD'S POSE even if the teacher doesn’t call for it and ONLY if you need it.

Sometimes we push ourselves too much because we don’t want to appear weak, but you are not weak. In fact, it's powerful seeing a student take child's pose because I know they’re listening to what their body is telling them to do. And you know what - 1-5 breaths in child's pose will not kill you or your practice. A child's pose is a yoga pose and Baron says “Yoga begins when you want to get out of it - so guess what! YOU ARE DOING YOGA!

Step 8 Don’t forget to BREATHE.

Step 9: Stay and Do the Work, whether its a 45 mins, 60 mins or a 90 mins class.

Step 10: Try your best. Your best is always good enough.



P.S.What do you do to get #yogaready ? I would love to hear about it!