Packing List for Baptiste Level 1 in Phuket

Photo Credit: stil/unsplash

Photo Credit: stil/unsplash


  1. I’m am overpacker, so if you’re a minimalist then perhaps this would not be for you, but it may give you an idea of what to wear/bring in Phuket, and I’ve included tips from other participants as well.

  2. Mainly for ladies, but the men, just note that you’ll get really sweaty. Bring enough sweaty wicking shirts/shorts

Weather in Phuket in May:

In general Phuket is hot and dry year round, but May is coming close to the wet season so it may be cloudy some days, and you may expect rain usually at night, sometimes during the day but again it could be sunny all the time you’re there. 

Humidity level is high too.

Before packing:

Most importantly please do 

  • call your airline and confirm the check in and hand carry baggage allowance

  • Get yourself a travel luggage scale (very helpful in case you have shoppings to bring home)

  • Download Grab so you can call a car (or it’s easy to hire taxis at the airport. It’s all fixed price.)

  • Do join the Level 1 Facebook group so you can hook up with someone to share a cab with etc)

Note that

  1. Wifi is available throughout then whole Angsana resort, so there won’t be a need to buy a Thailand SIM card unless you are planning to travel around. You can purchase a SIM card at the airport.

  2. The Baptiste Institute would have you given you a packing list in your welcome pack which also includes the JIP sequence card and the True North Aligment cue cards.

I’ve categorised the list according to the following:

  • Clothes

  • Essentials

  • Toiletries

  • Optional



  • Yoga Practice clothes

They say bring enough for two to three changes per day and there are 6 full days and 2 half days. Usually there are 2 practices a day plus daily workshops (which could be your 3rd practice) and discussions in between in the middle, and be prepared for changes.

As an overpacker, I did plan a new set for each practice - assuming Sat you come in late afternoon so that’s +1, and the rest of the days up to Friday 2x 6 = +12 and your final day, usually the practice is optional, but again, it is subject to change = +1

So altogether I packed 14 sets (and yes used all). There’s laundry service and I will comment more on than later, so you can decide what you want to do.

PS on another note, after speaking to some of my Baptiste mates on their packing style - they pack one set a day and wash them when they shower. One girl pack only 3-4 outfits - I won’t go there.

But one outfit a day is possible too. I may try that in my next program. That might solve my super heavy luggage problem. 😇

  • Yoga Lounge clothes

Comfy sweats, pants, shorts and tops for discussion sessions + inbetweens

If you are comfortable with shorts, I’d highly suggest that as you may be running around from the hall, to lunch to your room in between. And I brought along an extra leggings, in my yoga bag, in case there’s workshopping.

Otherwise wear what’s comfortable.

I brought 2 loungey bottoms + 1 shorts and interchanged them throughout the days. Tops are my practice tops for the day.

A friend just wore what she's going to wear for the evening's practice. 

P.S. If you have a tendency to get cold in the room, pack a lightweight jacket, hoodie and/or scarf (which is already part of my airport get-ups anyways)

  • Sneakers/walking sandals

I brought a pair of flip-flops and a pair of sneakers for the airport runs (and in case you are really a runner, and want to have a morning run in the gym or around the compound before session starts.)

Nice sandals or flats not really neccessary as you can get away with flipflops. But if you have space in your lugggage why not.

I don’t own walking sandals but it probably be useful if you plan to walk around a lot in the other places you are going. (i just wear my sneakers coz I have flat foot and I haven’t found a walking sandal that doesn’t hurt me when I walk a lot) 

  • Underwear

Lots of them 

  • Bathing Suit and Beach towel 

I don’t think there's time to catch the sun, unless you are staying longer, and yet anything is possible. Instead of a beach towel, bring a Sarong!! (or you can go to the night markets and buy them.) 

  • Laundry

I dont know if it has changed, but the laundry is located offsite and accessible via boat. I dont know how much it is but shouldn’t be expensive.

Some people do their own washing and it may dry in time, but as mentioned above, I usually bring enough to cover the full program. 

But if you want to do your own washing, please do. I love that each room has a balcony to hang your wet stuff, or you could always bring a laundry line. 



  • Valid passport

  • Yoga Mat

My Jade travel mat has been with me since my 200 hour training in Sydney back in 2014. I love it because it’s foldable and put it in my check-in luggage.

And you can bring whatever yoga mat that you have and it’ll part of your hand carry.

  • Block & Strap

You need one strap and one block at minimum to be successful and fully engaged in this program!

  • Powdered electrolytes

I love NUUN Sports + caffeine tabs for a morning boost and the Ener -C Multi-Vitamin Drink mix for anytime during the day.

Bonus is you can also order coconut water at lunch (at your cost).

  • Refillable water bottle/nalgene bottle (NO GLASS)

  • Refillable tea mug

  • Your choice of Tea bags

  • Journal and pen

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun hat

  • Watch (very important so that you are on time for sessions)

  • Charger for your phone, laptop etc

  • Travel Adaptors

  • Personal first aid kit (Advil, Pepto, China Gel, Band Aids, Neosporin, etc.)



Travel size please

  • Sun block

  • Deodorant

  • Bug spray

  • Muscle cream (I love this one from Doterra - It really works. I’d suggest putting it in a smaller container)

  • Moisturiser

  • Sunscreen for the face

  • Body lotion

  • Facial wash

  • Body soap

  • Toothpaste/toothbrush

  • Shampoo/conditioner

  • Serum for the hair

  • Antiseptic wipes/Facial wipes

+ other necessary toiletries

ps If you forgotten to bring some, there are shops you can buy (at the airport/hotel, and nearest supermarket is 5 mins by taxi and 15-20 mins walk.)



  • Raincoat or umbrella

Yes, unfortunately May is wet season in that part of Thailand so you can expect some rain. However, the walkways to and from the practice rooms, lunch and rooms are mostly sheltered. And worst case you can use your towel to protect your head.

  • Yoga towels

I only started bringing them after my 2nd program. Super useful as it's easier to dry the towels then the wet mat. i'd highly recommend Lulu towels, as it's thinner than the rest that I've tried and the best by far.

Alternatively you can use the towel from the room (we were given 2 towels - one for practice and one for shower, which they replace daily. This might change.)

  • Light tote bag to carry your journal, pen, blocks, straps, mat and what-not

We were allowed to leave our bags outside the room during sessions, and it’s out in the hallway. Apparently they do have security walking around not sure how often, so you leave your things there at your own risk.

  • Alarm clocks (I just my phone as my alarm clock.)

  • Light Summer dresses (why not)

  • Camera

  • Laptop

  • Snacks

I need my dark mint chocolate like this one . That being said, the hotel serve really awesome snacks during our breaks.

That’s it!!

Thanks to Jilly for inspiring me to write this post. Have a blast in Phuket!!


P.s. And if you want a more minimalist list - I’d suggest you read Jen Huber’s packing list.