Duncan Peak's Top 10 Secrets to Being a Good Yoga Teacher

Photo Credit:  Australian Yoga Journal

Duncan Peak is the original pioneer of contemporary yoga in Australia and the Founder, Master Facilitator and CEO of Power Living, which has studios in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide plus an online portal www.yogaholics.com.au 

And he is my teacher.

I did my 200hour teacher training with Power Living Australia in Jan 2014, with no inkling who Duncan was, never had attended his classes nor known he or the style suits me.

If you’ve read my post on how to choose the right teacher training for you - my top tip was to find a yoga style that lights you up.

I knew Baptiste Yoga changed my life and at that time, I didn't have the courage to do the Baptiste Level 1 training, and they didn’t offer a 200 hour Baptiste yoga training back then. 

So I chose Power Living, which was recommended by my Baptiste teacher T, as the facilitator, Duncan Peak had trained with Baron in numerous of Baptiste programs.

I went on to do Duncan’s Yin Yoga teacher training in Byron Bay and would have done more, if not, for my passion to continue on my pathway to be certified Baptiste Yoga teacher. 

Right now, I do stalk him on Instagram and I get connected to Power Living via the online portal - which gives me access to the beautiful yoga style and is an awesome resource (and a great inspiration) for my practice and teaching.

I’m super proud to call him my teacher and I’d like to share a recent article from Australian Yoga Journal about his top secrets to being a good yoga teacher. I personally feel it’s more than good.

Here are his top 10 secrets:

  1. Let go of the need to be liked

  2. Learn anatomy and physiology

  3. Create inspiring poetic rhetoric in classes

  4. Balance the elements (earth, fire, air, water, space)

  5. Don’t be too creative

  6. Stay inspired

  7. Develop a good understanding of business

  8. Lift other teachers up

  9. Be willing to evolve as a good yoga teacher

  10. Teach yoga as it applies to others, not to you

Read the original full article here


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