You are Amazing!

It’s my birthday today and on my birthday, I'd like to remind you that -

you are AMAZING!

Life, though, is always - not so amazing!

And it will take just that one little piece from your heart to embrace your life as is - its imperfections, its awfulness and its beauty.

Saying “Yes - I got it!” and practice gratitude everyday because it will bring your grace and get you to the present moment. Remember that everything will be ok even if it’s not ok.

If your life is not amazing right now, look around you, really look. See what you see, see what’s available to you right now. You may see something living or non-living that you can hug or hold on to; or it could be a memory of something good that has happened or is about to happen; abundance of mother nature……. and how about the fact that -



Repeat this mantra:

I am Amazing!

Photo Credit: Unsplash / aziz-acharki

Photo Credit: Unsplash / aziz-acharki

I’m doing what I love on my birthday, teaching! My hubs will bring me out for a nice dinner and always trying to outdo the dinner the year before.

I’ll also be hanging out with younger sister, like we always do every year, as her birthday falls 2 days before mine.

If there’s more - I’ll be grateful, but turning 42, I don’t need anything more. All I need is right HERE.

I have one huge wish for YOU:

My wish is for us to get out there and be up to amazing things in our lives!

You have the courage!

You are a contribution!

You are amazing!

Sharing with you TWO quotes that lifted me up when I wasn’t feeling that amazing! Hope they inspire you!

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Aziz Acharki. Edited using Canva.

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Aziz Acharki. Edited using Canva.

Photo Credit / Edited using Canva

Photo Credit / Edited using Canva

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