One Simple Way to Say I Love You Without Saying I Love You


Yes. It’s that simple.

I tell my husband I love him with a “Zoot.” (and sometimes with a song and dance in the morning - but that’s for another story :))

It all started when I watched this Ted Talk by Amanda Gore a long time ago.

Watch this: 

Definition of Zoot

Amanda Gore defines “Zoot-Zoot-Zoot” as  "I’m sending my love to you”.

Zoot! Zoot! Zoot!

You might have spotted me “zooting” silently to my hubs, teeny 3 taps to his heart and even to his big toe, anywhere within easy reach.

It’s our secret language, which is NOT a secret anymore, because now YOU know it.

When I think back, the reason why I fell in love with this video was because it gave me access to show my love to my sisters. 

Truthfully, in the Kassim family, we don’t really express our love or emotions. We were brought up not having conversations around love. I mean we didn’t have conversations, PERIOD. I would hesitate to hug my sisters or say I love you to them, because we just don’t do that.

It was so easy to say the words “I love you” to T, but why is it so hard to say it to my own flesh and blood? 

I know there is love but if it’s not spoken or shown or how would they know I love them?

And how would I know they love me?

“Our words make our world. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything. If you have something good to say, speak up. Yet sometimes it is difficult to say the words that may make a difference. And not saying it, will break our world. Like the words - I love you.”

So I shared the video it with them as I want to create change. It was also a turning point for me because in my own way, in disrupting the drift and getting them onboard has changed us!  

A couple of weeks ago, I overheard my elder sister saying “Zoots” to her 16 year old son, which triggered my memory and inspired this post.

It was really heartwarming to hear that exchange.

Amanda Gore said in the video, “ When we send love to other people we not only boost our immune system but also theirs.

In addition, it also spreads love to every one around them too.

The Aww moment.

Now it’s your turn to receive the LOVE and to GIVE IT BACK!

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Ali Yahya

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Ali Yahya

Why you should Zoot

Benefits of Zoot:

  • Boost both parties (receiving and sending) immune system

  • Calms the angry the hostile heart

  • Create connection

  • Manifestation of Love

  • Feels good

  • Great for beginners of the words “I love you” (You have to get them to watch the video)

Who is it for

It’s not for you if you’re not willing to drop what you know.

It’s for you if you have difficulty saying I love you to your loved ones for whatever reasons.

It’s for you if you’re a yes to try something on newly.

It’s for you if you want to create change in your life.

How it works

Zoot mudra: 

The act of Zooting starts with one hand in a zoot mudra or the 5 fingertips touching together

Zoot Practice: 

Get ready! 

Choose a receipient of your Love

Lightly touch your heart with your zoot mudra and “punch" it in the air, towards their chest, above their heart.

At the same time, say the words "zoot zoot zoot zoot” with every “punch".


They will be confused. You don’t have to say anything and If they are curious - just say you’re sending your love to them. If they are ready and willing, send them this post or just the video.


Simply. Just. Keep. Trying.

Who knows? You might just change someone’s life.

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Renee Fisher

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Renee Fisher

Would love to know how you go. Today, Tomorrow or in 6 months time! Bookmark this post!

Practice and all is coming!

If you’ve been Zooting, share your story below on how it changed your life.