Hari Raya & Ketupat


It's the 1st Day of Raya in Singapore.

It’s a day to celebrate the end of 30 days of fasting (Ramadhan) by feasting and connecting with family and friends. We pay our respects to our elderly and it’s when we give money to those who need it the most like the mosque, the elderly, the kids etc.

It’s one day where I get to indulge in ketupat, rendang, lontong, sambal udang, ayam masak merah, kueh tart……..

I lie - it’s actually a month of feasting!

But really, it’s the time to give thanks and appreciation for what we have right here right now and to ask for forgiveness for what may have been said or done in the past.

Even if you do not celebrate Hari Raya, celebrate your life today and ask yourself what is it you are grateful for.

And with gratitude in my heart for your presence, I wish you all the grace and kindness to flow your way today.  And may Forgiving come with more easefulness in your life.