Find your True North

What makes Baptiste Yoga - a “power”ful yoga practice?

The power of Baptiste Yoga is in the PHYSICALITY of the True North cues. 

Recently in class for the last 4 weeks, we’ve been working on integrating the True North Alignment into our bodies - from the feet to the core to the shoulders.


In a nutshell, you want to be intentional in creating “Tadasana” in every single pose, stacking joint on top of joint to find your own “neutral” self or your True North.

5 elements of True North Alignment

  • EARTH Ground down like Earth (Feet/Legs)
  • WATER Flow like Water (Joints)
  • FIRE Build the inner Fire (Core/Pelvis)
  • AIR Soften like Air (Shoulders)
  • SPACE Create Space for something New (Creativity, Your own self-expression)

At the same time, you put and keep present the 5 Pillars of True North Alignment

5 Pillars of True North Alignment

  • Drishti (Gaze)
  • Ujjayi (Breath)
  • Bandhas (Foundation: Hands-Feet-Core)
  • Tapas (Heat)
  • Vinyasa (Flow)

It’s total package; a total body integration; one cannot do with the other; and the work is to find balanced action of Sukha Stira.

If you are pushing too hard or there’s too much fire [Stira], can you find relax and and give attention to the breath?

If you are too comfortable in the pose or too flexible [Sukha], can you put in more effort and muscular energy?

RIGHT NOW IS all I've Got

Baptiste Yoga has been a transformative journey of discovering of what’s possible for my practice, my teaching and my life.

Having True North gives me access to being present and acknowledging my body and my mind as it is TODAY instead of being stuck in the stories of injuries in the past or being afraid of what’s going to happen in the future, when it has not happened yet. 

Whether you realise it or not, every single time you arrive on your mat, your Body is and will be different.  Every time you wake up, you have the Power to Begin again.

To have True North, you have to practice and live from a space of Right Now is All You’ve Got.

Do the work

Empower yourself to create your own true north purely by listening… to yourself. You know the answers. Just trust your heart.  

If you’re lost,

GROUND DOWN to your foundation, your purpose (Find Your Feet)

PULL INTO YOUR CENTRE into your core, your heart centre (Get Courage)

FULLY EXPRESS OUT and be in action (Be Free! Get Messy!)


With Love, Sophie.



 Click here to get your Free Pdf of "True North Alignment" cues, re-created "as if" from the Baptiste Yoga Methodology.