Exciting Announcement: New Blog Launch


It’s here!

My new blog is live.

I’m very excited. 

After 4 years of being soulaktive.com, 2 years of writing weekly and 41 years of being a Miss Kassim, I finally have the courage to stand on my own name - sophiexsanders.com 

Special thanks to Kelly Misbin of Magic + Mondays, who’s been an absolute star, and who helped me with AMI Power Yoga.

It's not perfect.

There's work to be done. The migration from wordpress to squarespace was easy but I didn't expect to reformat EVERY post. And it didn't help that halfway through, I accidentally deleted my entire blog page, not the post But this page itself!

Then I discovered that Squarespace has gone through its own changes - as in what was available on my package BEFORE (like mail chimp integration, pop ups, youtube videos etc) is NOT available anymore. I can imagine more things will be discovered as I continue with my edits. God save me! 

Sophie will take a deep breath and breathe!

Moving on........

It is what it is, and it's ready NOW. 

I’ve re-created my page as a Yoga + Living blog, and streamlined my categories. I’m amazed at how much I’ve written, and how much I’ve grown. The blog post will continue with the inspired practices of Baptiste Yoga which is Asana, Meditation and Inquiry, and I'll pepper in with travel stories, my life stories and inspiration/motivations from all over. 

I'm a storyteller.

Please don’t call me a blogger - I want to be a storyteller, I want to share and inspire others through my stories. Writing doesn't come easy for me  so I had to drop my fear of doing the wrong thing and looking bad in front of others.

Being a perfectionist doesn't help either. but some one said this “Your imperfections are not your flaws, your inauthenticity is"

I want to be real with you and real in every aspect of my life. And if being real requires me to be vulnerable and showing you this not-so-ready blog, so be it!  


What’s coming up for me now is whether this is a waste of time. It’s in fact it is an indulgence. It doesn't make me money. It takes a lot of time.

But you know what -  I’m going to give myself permission to write.

Yoga has empowered my way of life today, which gave me access to speak through my writings. 

That’s my MISSION for the blog -

To empower you to lead your own inspired life.

Head over to sophiexsanders.com to discover the upgraded blog! If you're not sure where to start reading, start with "Start Here" ! 

Tell me what can I add to better your experience. As mentioned it’s work-in-progress - there are links that don't work and pictures missing. If you see it, let me know. I can get that done pronto.

At the moment it’s just one at a time.

And why not doing something good for others - if you think my blog can help your friends/family , introduce them to my blog and encourage them to subscribe or send them this link

THAT'S IT! I'm sending you an enormous hug and so much love ,