Goodbye Soul Aktive + New Website Reveal


Guess what - is finally going to move to her new home - new hosting platform, new look and a new name!!!

Ok lar it's not exactly new news. I’ve been talking about overhauling it since last year, but it was put on hold because my attention was on building AMI Power Yoga. And that is a whole other story.

It's time for me to do what I’ve always wanted to do, which was simply sharing my story to the world, which is hard when you worry about what people think of you. I was hiding behind the facade of Soulaktive who's initial purpose was a "window" to showcase what I do as a teacher.


I wanted this new website to be what it is really is - A Yoga Life (Living) blog.

I shied away from calling myself a blogger because I told myself “I can’t write!” In fact I was ashamed of my writing skills. But write I did, one post after the other; and despite my fears, I committed to writing one post a week.

I struggled for a long time till I discovered that it doesn't matter what people think as long as I’m sharing what I think you need, and I know in my heart that if helps me in my yoga life - it may help (some of) you in your yoga life too. In a way, I I gave up my concern to please everyone. In fact, my best post are the ones that I was afraid to post publicly.

It’s like yoga - you know you just need to practice, not for perfection. You do you best when there are imperfections, because when you are imperfect in your practice, it gives you the space to grow. Those cracks makes you, You!

It does require you to be vulnerable but hey you want to show up as yourself and not someone else right?

Being of service

My purpose now - to be of service by teaching yoga and writing. But really I want you to empowered to create pockets of joyfulness in your life in your own way.

There's a lot of reasons why YOU are here, reading my post every week, but for whatever reason it is, I'm grateful.

Big reveal will be soon!!

That's why I've not been writing. So no new posts till my site migrates over the new site. Just have to iron some issues out with Word press.

If you want to get updated with what’s happening in my life, come follow me on personal instagram @pocketsofjoyfulness

I have a few blog post topics in the works like - A review of JIWA Yoga Studio Bali - Why getting EXCITED may be the Answer to doing the things you don't want? - a 12 Min Morning Cat flow.......

Is there anything else you'd like to me write or any questions you may have on yoga that I can help you with? You'd be doing me great service if you can let me know your challenges or your struggles in your practice and life.

That's it for now!

I'll see you next week hopefully for the big reveal. Until then, take good care of yourself.

I'm sending you an enormous hug and so much love ,