New Year Eat Fit Resolutions!



I just came back from having eaten my weight in Pad Thai’s, croissants and drank more than the usual.

Honestly I don’t understand how people can eat clean or healthy when they are holidays. I simply cannot.

It’s too hard.

So I came into 2016, knowing that I’ll be able to reset my body when I’m back.

I don’t want to go on a diet.

Diets are short term solutions and very depressing. Eating mindfully is a more consistent long term change, as it involves tweaking your mindset and making it your lifestyle (to eat healthy).

It’s about creating a life that I want.

I want to eat happy and at the same time, I’m mindful about what goes in mouth because I know what’s good and bad for my body.


For a healthy body, mind and soul, it is 80% about the food and 20% about the exercise.

It’s easy for me to move my body - I have to work hard at eating mindfully.

I have a strategy going forward, which I’m sharing below.


I’m going to give up Coffee for 21 days.

Mainly because I was addicted to the Nescafe Hazelnut Frothy Coffee which is so full of sugar. And sugar is BAD! I don’t usually drink coffee, but I was needing to drink it every morning, otherwise I wouldn’t function. And it could be one of the reasons why I was feeling very lethargic in the mornings!

It’s been 5 days now. I suffered from migraines, soreness at the back of my eyes and random sleepiness in the afternoon.

I’m better today - 16 more days to go.



It seems like an easy thing to do - however I know I don’t drink enough water. And when I don’t, I am guaranteed to get a migraine. And on the worst days, I’ll get constipated.

Furthermore on a recent medical check up, I found out that I’ve uric acid - relatively low levels, but could cause gout in the future.

I know I don’t excessively eat a particular type of food - so the doctor (and dad) said to drink lots of water. And we’ll see when I do the check-up again next year.

So I aim to drink a glass of water first thing when I wake up and before I go to bed. And have a bottle of water handy even when I’m home.

Drinking water makes me pee a lot though, which is inconvenient, if I have to teach and there’s only one bathroom to use and I have fight with 20 girls. :)


Drink green smoothies

I am restarting my daily green smoothies and will attempt to be more adventurous.



And limit

- caffeine (not limited to green tea) and alcohol

- refined and artificial sugar

- grains except for brown rice and non-gluten items.

And of course - lots of greens, small handfuls of berries (with low fructose), fish/chicken.

Planning Meals

I will try to plan my meals for the week, starting with dinner. And we are having chilli tonight, tomorrow chicken burger, and Friday oven roasted salmon.


3 Days fruit Fast

Doing a 3 day fruit fast on the 18th of January 2016. I always do a juice cleanse after a holiday, with either Hic Juice or A Juicery but since I went on the “yoga teacher” budget, I can’t afford it anymore. A fruit fast is easy, cheaper and doable.

That’s my plan!

What’s yours?