If I can, I MUST!


When I first started blogging, I wanted to post pilates, yoga and dance video tutorials - because I wanted to help people and I wanted to showcase my way of being.

I had lots of ideas, but I didn’t know how to execute them. I seemed to have more Urgent and important things to do and doing video tutorials was important but not urgent. I think need my own minions to do that part of my business, since my brain doesn't go that far. Yet! 😃 (Any volunteers?) Anyways since minions are not that cheaply available, I decided to focus on writing, which is still work on its own, but manageable for the perfectionist in me. But there is a video in today's blog!!! Lucky you! :P

I was inspired this week because I get to attend my teacher’ Tryphena’s Baptiste Power Vinyasa Class! She was the one who introduced Baptiste Power Yoga to me through the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program in 2012; and because she lives in Hong Kong, it is a rare occasion to have her come to Singapore.

I love classes that leaves me with nuggets of wisdom that I can apply in my real life. She said

“If you can, you must”

.... when we were asked to do our millionth Wheel Pose from the Igniting Series (ok, I exaggerate - it was only 6) - and when I usually just do a couple of Bridge Pose in between, I went up all 6 times, even though my wrist was hurting.

And it felt sooooo awesome!!! :D

If I can, I must

That’s my new slogan this year and when T asked me to drive his car - I said to myself -

If I can, I must.

I have the licence to drive, but I can’t drive. I’ve not driven in years and so I have lots of fear, excuses and stories around driving.

Now if driving is like yoga or like everything else, I need to practice. But why is it so hard? But I know I can drive, I must drive!! *bite my nails

My feedback to myself #sophiecandrive2017:




I’ll let the video do all the talking! Note that it’s 7 mins long.

Hope you enjoyed the video!! Comment below if you like it and if you have tips for the scaredy cat me, please do let me know.