Honour your body so you can be true to yourself


It’s a Friday.

When I should be excited about the weekend, I’m tired.

I'm beginning to come to terms with the fact that it’s ok that I am tired; to admit that I AM NOT OK.  I'm not ok. It’s ok to feel tired. I don't think it's jet lag, as I've rested enough in Bali. I don't think it's my age. I don’t have to qualify or quantify or justify the reason for my tiredness. My body needs to rest.

Yes I can turn up to the gym today and work my ass off. Or I can meet people and connect more. I can pound on my keyboard like an elephant masquerading as a wasp.

No - I'm not going to show up at all today.

Because I don't want to hide from acknowledging my tiredness. And how do I show up when I’m outside - rubbish! Fake smile “oh I’m ok.”

That’s living a lie. And not living authentically. That's the cost to me and to others. I’ve given my all this whole week. I’ve shown up 100% to everything I’ve come in touch with - my students, my family, my work.

I’m going to hibernate today. And clean house. That’s my meditation.

So I can show powerfully tomorrow for others!! And the next day. Until I need to rest again.

Weekends no rest for yoga teachers. :):):)

I turned the page of Melodie's book this morning to read this. Everything is timed perfectly, yes; even this.

Trust the Wisdom of your Body, For it
Often Reflects the Wisdom of your Soul.
— Melodie Beattie, From "Journey into the Heart"