Embrace your Inner Mermaid (The Truth about Blue Lattes)


Mermaid Latte

A Product Review


Pink latte, golden latte and now blue latte?

The original Chai latte all glammed up into these colourful teas  - is it a yay or nay?

I have a certain set of stories or bias writing this review as I'm not a big fan of Ayuverdic asian spicy-yuck-mix taste. Ginger tea and cinnamon buns- that's the best I can master my taste buds to handle.

Not poo-pooing the benefits of Ayurveda; my mum goes for yoga therapy and they put all the herbal, strong smelling gunk on her, and I know Ayurverda therapy does work!

But why is it so smelly lar????

Some people love the smell. I’m not a big fan. I judge my food by the way it smells. If my nose doesn't like it, it’s a no go. Unless I have no choice. Well I do have a choice not to drink this mermaid latte. But I was desperate. I spotted the blue package at my yoga studio A-Space whilst I was obviously suffering from coffee withdrawal - the words COFFEE ALTERNATIVE jumped at me.

I didn't bother reading the rest of the ingredients coz it was only S$29.

Only when I got home, then I went shit this is "Chai Latte secretly hiding as a Smurfette". The short description was “Delicious infusion of sea minerals, blue superfoods and adaptogenic herbs makes a dazzling marine blue latte. Ayurvedic chai spices, creamy coconut milk and manuka honey complete the exotic flavours to deliver the perfect 'me time' coffee alternative."

Yup. My brain had only coffee on its mind.

And so since I’ve bought it, I might as well try it!


My choice of milk is rice milk. Thank god for my nespresso milk contraption that made it easier to make my milk hot (it’s useful for something else if not for coffee since I’m not having it! Hmmph)

They said 1-2 tsps,  but I went a little under 1 tsp, stirred into my 100ml hot milk and I then put the cup back under the spout to add more milk.


It does not have a strong smell as Chai, but it tasted as gross as I thought it would be. I didn’t totally finished it as there were some dark specks at the bottom, which looked suspiciously like the possible result of me not stirring enough. Truthfully after my 5th cup, the taste is growing on me. NOT! :P

Does it help me with my caffeine fix?

My morning routine is having a hot coffee with a dash of either coconut milk or laced with rice milk; and the action of having a alternative hot milky cuppa  is a good. It makes my morning more exciting! :D

The important question is......

Does it energise me?

Honestly I think the "exciting" TASTE is the pick-me-upper so I'd say 50/50 yes.

Will I drink it daily?

Ermmm….Nope. Taste bud’s not there yet. It’s been 18 Days since I bought it, and I’ve only drank it 5 times. But I have been downing my Starbucks Green Tea Soy Latte when I’m out! Dropping coffee has been a really expensive decision.

But I agree that it's a good “coffee alternative” when I don’t have a choice and when I don’t feel like leaving the house to get my Starbucks fix. :p

And I’m sure you must be asking yourself.....

Why can't she make her own Green Tea?


Read more about Mermaid Latte by Nutra Organics HERE.

In Singapore, you can get your stash either at A-Space Studio at 31 Cantonment Road or online from Base Athletica

For all you chai lovers out there, I'm curious, do you really like the taste? Or you kinda grew into it?