Would you join a Yoga Book Club?


One of my goals this year was to create powerful weekly intentions for myself and at the same time guide the path for others to create similar intentions for themselves in their life, practice and teaching.

It’s as easy as writing down in my journal, “this week my intention is to practice Ahimsa or kindness” or repeat it as a mantra when I meditate, or look myself in the mirror and say “I will practice kindness”.

It’s more powerful when you re-create the intention by sharing your intention with others, like when I teach and I share my intention to my students - it’x a constant reminder to me and to them to keep OUR intentions alive.

AND when there’s accountability present with one or many, where together, we embody the same intention, the power of the intention multiply through the sharing of our stories, experiences and struggles.

Intention without Action is Useless.
Intention is something you want to do.
The act of getting it done is action.

My original intention was to create a 9 weekly check-in program based on Baron’s book, "Being of Power - The 9 practices to create an empowered life." I was in action - I am in collaboration with Beth Bayley, an Inspired Baptiste Yoga Teacher who is also a writer and an avid reader. We spent hours after class talking, charting down the program, we had notes, but 2 months later, nothing seemed to be happening.

It was after my Borobudur trip in February, that I thought oh F-that - I will start where I am. If I don’t take action, I’ll never know. If I really want things to happen, I will make it happen.

I acknowledge that the thought of committing 9 weeks of my time scares me. We could have shorten it and it could work but there’s too much discussion and not much action.

I am ready now. 

Why not do a bite-sized version - a book club ? It could be a fun and accessible way to bring yoga off the mat.

But Guess what?

It is not the easy way out because it is going to be harder - because YOU have to be in action NOW. You are in Charge of how This Ends! You have to Start reading Now.

Once a month We will Meet, Mingle, Discuss, Reflect and Practice Yoga.

Of course, it goes without saying that tea and biscuits will be part of the meeting. We will select a book beginning of the month and your work is simply to:


  2. Purchase or borrow the Book

  3. Read the book

  4. SHOW UP and connect at the first meeting (even if you have not finished reading)



March 31, 2018 Saturday 3pm-530pm @ Newton Gems

Price - $40

Book of choice is "Being of Power" (Baron Baptiste)

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Who has time to read? We are so busy, right? It’s like me saying to friends I’ll call you… and it never ends up happening.

Ask yourself what can you do with your time that is important?

If you want to start a reading habit, you will get in action. If not, then ok, so reading is not for you.

If yo'u’re like me, I love to read, and yet that is my go-to excuse. In fact, I actually feel guilty for reading (Gawd yes, I’m glad to get this off my chest) when I have my instagram post to post, my blog to finish, my website to check, my salmon to cook…………… But reading is important to me because it gives me access for express myself better when I write and also creates inspiration for my teaching.

My tip is TO SCHEDULE!

If I’m reading my fiction aka my romantic trashy novels, I like to read before bedtime. But if I’m reading a book that requires me to think - I prefer to read it in the morning, with a post it note/journal and pen in hand. Or my favourite place is in the bathroom.


1) If you have already started with Yoga good- that’s one of the 8 limbs of yoga. Self-study or Svadhyaya is part of the bigger yoga picture too. #yogaismorethanasana So if you are keen bring yoga off your mat, then this is for you.

2) If you love reading, and you love yoga too.

3) You want to connect with others.


Why not start now?

You are Ready Now!