Make your own Baptiste “Journey into Power” sequence clock timer

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Sonja Langford

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Sonja Langford

Recently a fellow Baptiste Yoga teacher, David Rachford posted in a Facebook group for Certified Baptiste teachers, about Baptiste Yoga sequence timing.

I immediately thought of Jennifer Huber - this kinda of thing is right up her alley. I met her at Baptiste Level 2 and we reconnected again at Level 3. I’ve always admired by her “Mcgyver-like” tips especially when she first shared her packing list in our private FB group.

She’s at it again with her crafty skills and I’m sharing her latest post in solving a challenge most (Baptiste) yoga teacher faces -

There are 11 family of poses (Integration, Awakening, Vitality, Equanimity, Grounding, Igniting, Stability, Opening, Release, Rejuvenation and Deep Rest) and I’m always rushing though the last 4 (and guiltily skipping poses or god forbid, ending the class late…!)

The way I estimate the timing is by getting to Grounding halfway through class, but I get so involved in teaching, I would forget to look at the clock.

You could draw your own clock like how Alice Riccardi did >>>

Or courtesy of Jennifer, she re-created the various clock face timing tools in Photoshop so that if you want to make your own rotating clock timing tool, you can.

How TO

  • Print these JIP timing "clock faces" (below) on transparent film (either for laser jet printers or ink jet printers)

  • Cut to fit the clock face blank (4th Picture)

  • Secure them together with a paper fastener in the middle of the clock.

  • Then SPIN the class start time to any point on the clock face!


Below is a Youtube Video showing how it can look if you print the 4 images (above) on transparency film!


Thank you Jennifer

for being a contribution to our journey as an effective Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher.


Of course, the timings are just a rough guide, and is not perfect.

In the Art and Mastery of Teaching Baptiste Yoga, we are asked to

1. LOOK: For True North & what's possible. Put your drishti on the areas you want to transform.

2. LISTEN: Listening makes the difference not the knowledge.

3. GIVE TOOLS that make a difference now.

Yes, finishing class on time and completing all 11 sequence is ideal, but most importantly, have fun and don’t get so caught with forgetting a sequence or 2.

It’s ok. You be ok. The sky won’t fall down.



More about Jennifer Huber:

Jennifer’s life is for contribution, sharing information, abundance and encouragement. She is passionate about holding space for others to experience the power of transformation yoga brings to the body and mind. Jennifer is a Tier 2 Baptiste Yoga Educator and lives in Tampa, FL.

Read her original article here.