The Gift of Listening

The most important thing you can gift yourself is the Gift of Listening.

There are so many noises out there, knowledge, stories. Who is right? What is right? What is wrong? How do we choose the right thing to do? What if I say the wrong thing?

Are you listening with your heart? Quiet down the voices in your head. And listen for what is actually there.

Find your quiet place and listen.

Clear unfinished business. Get complete!

You're scared, good! Stay! You're on your way!

Don't stay too long! Move!

God is not there. God is there.

Is he listening?

No one listens!

So what? Who cares!

You listen to yourself first. Not for the voices that say no - You can't! You're ugly! You will fail! You're not good enough.

Listen for quietness. Do absolute nothing.

The answers will come from a space of quiet calm.

Then you will have access to being present, and being there for other people.

And they will know, yes they will know that you are listening and that you care.

Isn't everyone’s ultimate goal in life is to be happy and kind to all mankind? At least that is mine.

And I will start by listening more.

A Love Letter to Myself: Are you listening?

Dear Me,

Are you listening -

To the sounds of the sea; To the waves crashing on the sandy beach; To the fluttering of the trees above; Leaves rustling; The wind whispering?

Dear Me,

Are you listening?

For your breath, For your heart, For his heart?

Eyes Closed.

Feeling and listening.

Dear Me,

Can you hear the voices speaking?


Get quiet. Get really quiet.

Do Nothing.


Listen to your heart.


- Me