What Can You Do Today to Move Forward?



It's the question I ask myself when I feel stuck.

I woke up with a funky throat and a sore belly. I could moan and whine but I got things to do, be there for people , be excited....


My dance teacher used to tell me not to ‘show your feelings to the students’ because it's their class and I shouldn’t disrupt the class mood just because I’m not feeling good. Because my job is to make them feel good.

So I have to fake my smile. Fake my attitude. Hide what I am feeling.

I guess it worked - students happy, boss happy. But this ‘lesson’ stayed with me, so I hide my sadness, my tiredness etc. I say I’m ok when I’m not.

It’s exhausting- HIDING.

Then after my Baptiste Level 2 Training, I was forced to come out of hiding and I wanted to.  I acknowledged my sadness, my tiredness or whatever I’m feeling at the present moment.

Which gave me access to be with people authentically and with as much real enthusiasm and vitality because I’m not hiding anymore even if I'm not myself.

So I showed up in class, with my sexy voice and bloated belly; and I shared what I’m feeling with my students and they understood. They know I’m just like them. A normal human. I gave them the best I can. I gave them ME!!

Be a Yes to Vulnerability and Authenticity.

Give up hiding. It is exhausting.

Feel what you feel.

Stop saying ok when you don’t feel ok. 

Be You!