Be Inspired! Live the Life that you Love with Lululemon!

To create your own inspired life, look inside instead of comparing
with others. Celebrate your own stories because
they are extraordinary and are what make you, YOU!

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of teaching at Lululemon ION for a great bunch of peeps; getting up early on Sunday morning to get their yoga on.

I was all fired up from my Baptiste Level 2 training up in Menla, NY in July. Yet a little nervous as it was my first community experience with Lululemon. I had to do my best.

My brief from Lululemon was to inspire the guest to live the life they love.

I had planned all these things to say; but I knew that things will not go my plan!

When I'm in my head (ie trying to remember what’s in my plan), I'll NOT be listening and I’ll not be looking at my students.

Baron says: “To teach to what is present in the room.”

But by default, I needed to plan. It keeps my anxiety or rather excitement at bay. Plus it keeps me grounded and gave me access to dropping the whatifs in my head.

That statement rang true as I felt so invigorated being in that roomful of people, that what I spoke felt true and authentic.

42 peeps was it, yes? Plus minus!! I was glad to see familiar faces - Sarah, Yvette, Mebel. And of course Jabi and Miho from Lululemon.

It might have been too early in the morning to get them to generate good morning; but disrupting the order of business was my intention. And also to do something I’m not comfortable doing. I can see some confused faces and reluctant ones, but I went around screaming GOOD MORNING, hugged strangers, got them to introduce themselves if they don't know each other.

But I didn't care! A few months ago - I would not have dared do what I did, in fact, if I would have done it, it would have been forced and downright fake. But that morning, it felt right, and it was so interesting to see how people interacted and warmed up after that weird introduction.

"What? I have to scoot my bum over to say hi? Now you want me to stand up and hug complete strangers? Why is she so loud so early in the morning! She's crazy"

I'm not sure if that was what people was saying. So what?

The rest of the teachings was a blur of good things! I wished I remembered to take pictures but I'm always so caught up when I’m teaching, everything falls yonder.

So what!

Words are as important as pictures.

Be in pure listening of others, so that you can always have the courage to speak from the heart instead of listening to the voice in your head.

Many thanks to LULULEMON for inviting me on this community experience. It was an honor to be amongst the beautiful peeps to share my first Lululemon event with, and I hope it won’t be the last.

So one thing off my bucket list ticked off! What’s next?

Leading a class at the Istana!?!

Who knows! Putting it out there!