Hello, Hello? Is anyone home?

When I was young, I remember keeping a diary but I'm not too sure when or why I stopped writing!  And I never thought myself as being a good writer as I had a D for my General Paper in my A-Levels.

But then again, I never thought I'd quit my 12 year job either. Here I am - about to start a blog.

I don't aim to be a famous blogger and earn big bucks! I just want to be out there, to be vulnerable, to share my insights and my favourite things with the rest of the world. But I’m scared at the same time.


I was procrastinating and I’m beginning to realise that procrastination is my mind's way of coping with fear!

What was in my way was the fact that I had to set up my own website.


Postpone until someone does it for me! Didn't a guru say that all is coming, we just have to wait???..."

What I learnt from my many years of working in a highly stressed job, was the more I wait, the fear and the anxiety will continue to escalate.

If I want something done, I’ve to take the bull by its horn, and just get it done!

I came into the webpage, just to make sure my password works -  of all things! I'm still confused with all the IT jargon and hoping it'll make sense one day! And then, I thought - why not write something, anything to start it off?



What was meant to be a couple of liners became one long story!

Here I am!

Sophie has arrived!