A Love Letter to Myself: God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle

I’m not a particularly religious person. But i believe there is God and a higher power, and that this higher power has a plan for all of us. ⠀

It’s not so random for us to have challenges, struggles and sufferings.⠀

Most of our sufferings are in fact - created by us over the years. Stories we tell ourselves that we believe as true. ⠀

When we were young, we took everything in - because we don’t know any better. And right now, we have the most blessed job of taking away what doesn’t belong to us in the first place.⠀

And of course, some sufferings is beyond our control.⠀

But what we can change is the words we tell ourselves.⠀

Every moment of suffering is an opportunity to discover something new about ourselves.⠀

As they say, pain is temporary. And once you become aware, you then have a choice to continue suffering or to choose gratitude and joy!⠀

✨⠀“God - if you can hear me, thank you for gifting me my challenges. I hope you can hear my heart wishes and that I’m capable of receiving that and more. Love ♥️, Sophie”✨⠀

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