7 days to Softer and Healthier Lips



I know I’m venturing beyond the yoga realm, with this post and going girly on you. But whether you’re female or male, I’m sure you’ve experienced cracked lips. And for some of you, it’s not a big thing.

“Just use a lip Balm lar!”

I do, I have tons all over the place. However it’s a temporary fix. My lips still peels.

It’s worst when my body gets “heaty”. Or when I’m in a cold climate or when I’m sick. And all the lip balms in the world doesn't seem to solve it.

I’ve tried the traditional way of brushing my lips with my toothbrush and I bought lip scrub and lip therapy which worked temporarily. (maybe coz I don’t scrub it weekly; only when it gets bad)

I usually bite the “peeled skin” off with my teeth and forget all about it until it starts up again. Then I got braces 2 years ago and I couldn’t “cut” anymore.

And so I would twirl the peeled portion with my fingers, in the hopes that it would peel off easily (it's like when you cut old credit cards, you would fold it in half and twist it; yup like that!). And 99% of the time, it works but it will also peel off more than needed, and I will end up with bloody and sore lips; or discolouration of my lips.

I’m tired of hearing my husband nagging to stop peeling my lips. (Sorry babes! By the time, he said those words, it would have been too late, the deed was done.)


Recently I had this epiphany. Coincidentally at the time when I had this epiphany, I had met up with 2 of my friends, Kah Yam and Beth, whom I’ve only noticed now, were wearing red lipstick, and I’ve never seen them without!

And I thought why don’t I wear red lipstick for a week? And at the same time, do an intense pre-treatment for my lips over 7 days!

Some of my friends say - “you will end up eating your lipstick!”

That’s the point or rather not the point. I remembered an old trick for deterring nail-biters from biting their nails - TO WEAR NAIL POLISH!

To use nail polish to deter from biting? I think I can apply the same concept here

HERE’S my chosen partner in crime


And these are my tools:

  1. A Lip Conditioner

  2. A Lip Primer

  3. Mac Lipstick in Chilli

  4. Matching Lip pencil in Brick

I also had this in my drawer:

  • Sugar Lip Polish

  • Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy



7 Days Challenge to Softer and Healthier Lips

[For Dry, Chapped and Peeling lips]

If you are frustrated with your peeling lips - I challenge you to wear RED LIPPIE for 7 days!!

Watch this video to see my plan of attack on the first day!

I’ve listed down the steps below. (note that it's slightly altered from the video)

BEfore you starT

Ensure you have your tools on hand

  • Choose your weapon of choice AKA LIPSTICK COLOUR and get a matching lip pencil. (just because.)

  • Scrubbing tools - an old toothbrush will do or you can invest in a lip scrub

  • A good lip balm of choice

  • Lip primer

Night before

Scrub your lips with your chosen lip scrub or with a tooth brush. And apply a lip balm, lip therapy or a lip mask and leave it overnight.


Step 1: After you washed your face, and brush your teeth, apply the Lip Conditioner.

Step 2: Keep it on while you do your daily ablutions (me: I showered, put body lotion, moisturised my face, hair etc)

Step 3: Wipe off your lips with a tissue (the lip conditioner is quite sticky)

Step 4: Apply the Lip Primer

Step 5. Draw your lips

Step 6: Lipstick on (I blot and re-applied 2-3 more times.)

Step 7: Apply the lip hydrantant!

And you are ready now to RUN THE WORLD!!


* Ensure that you colour the sides of the lips too.

First day of the challenge, I was caught with partially coloured lips.

* If you are male, follow the instructions of the NIGHT BEFORE and STEP 1 of the MORNING OF.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.jpg

2 months later…

I’m super happy with state of my lips. It’s been more than 2 months now and my lips are not peeling. Woohoo!!

I scrub weekly now as part of my weekly facial regime, and I still wear my red lippie once in a while as a reminder.

I now have a new tool - Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask gifted by my bestie, Nat, which I use every night before I go to bed.

Did you try this? How did it go?

I think if I didn’t commit to do this for 7 days, it wouldn’t have worked. I chose 7 days because it takes 7 days to create a habit (and to ensure the treatment soaks in.)

What do you think?