Yoga Stretch Flow Video - 4 Mins Post Gym Stretch Sequence


No of Poses : 8 No of Exercises : 12

Time Taken: 4 mins approx.

♦ There are only 8 poses. 4 of them have 2 sides (as indicated with the asterix*). You can choose to do both sides before changing poses. Or as per video, stay on the same side. (Ps. We start on the R side.)

♦ Note the poses in the video are recorded as a mirror image. So you can follow the same side leg as per video, instructions are from your (student) point of view.

♦ We hold each pose 5 breath, (you can stay longer if you like) and we aim to move with graceful velocity between each poses.

♦ As an option for modifications: Have a block, wall, towel and or strap - handy.

1️⃣Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold

2️⃣ Seated One legged Side Stretch with Rotation*

3️⃣ Seated One legged Forward Fold with Rotation*

4️⃣Half Pigeon*

5️⃣King Pigeon Quad stretch*

6️⃣Seated Butterfly

Repeat on the L side.

7️⃣Kneeling Quad Stretch

8️⃣Ragdoll or Forward Fold

Important Note/Disclaimer:

  • Always consult your health care provider and obtain full medical clearance before practicing yoga or any other exercise program. Note that not all yoga poses are suitable for all persons. Modify when you need and if unsure, practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor, in addition to the direction of your healthcare provider, can also help determine what poses are suitable for your body.
  • Most importantly ---------------- Don't forget to breathe! Be mindful about how your body feels, and rest whenever needed. . ♥♥♥

Pose 1: Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold

Start, seated cross-legged. Open both legs out to the side as wide as you can. Lengthen the spine up before stretching your body forward. Reach your fingers further forward with each breath. Feet is flexed and toes are towards the ceiling, with baby toe sides rolling towards the back.


If you find that your spine is rounded, option is to sit on block or sit with a wall behind your back. You may not go as low; but focus on sitting up and lengthening the spine.

If you find there’s some sensation at the back of the knees, you can either support the back of the knees with a rolled up towel or block, and keep the knees bent.

Another option is to a Half Wide Leg forward fold. So bend one knee, foot to the groin, and fold towards the middle. (you will need switch sides)

Pose 2) Seated One legged Side Stretch with Rotation*

Keep the R leg is straight out to the side; bend the L knee with L foot to the groin, keeping the knee open. Reach your R hand toward the R big toe and L hand reach overhead. You can choose to stay here, or bend the top arm behind your back and use the bind to rotate the L ribcage to the ceiling. (ie L shoulder to ceiling)

Think of lengthen both waist line equally.


I like to pull on to my big toe to traction my spine towards the side, and press my elbow back on my inner knee to deepen the rotation.

Again same modification can apply here as per 1️⃣.

You can switch to the opposite here, or to keep the flow, go on the next pose, working on the same side.

Pose 3) Seated One legged Forward Fold with Rotation*

Square both Torso and Pelvis to the the front, or in this case turn the body to the Right to face the R foot. R leg is straight, and L foot is placed beside the right inner thigh.

You can fold forward from here reaching both hands for the R foot/ankle, shin, or I like to do this with a rotation>> Place your R fingertips on the floor beside the R thigh. Press the R fingertips forward to encourage the torso to rotate towards the R baby toe. Reach your L hand towards the baby toe side of the R foot. Pull onto your foot t to stretch the centre of the chest towards the toes, and At the same time, reach your R outer hip to the back.


L knee can be bent. Switch to the L or flow on the next pose.

Pose 4) Half Pigeon*

Bend the Right knee and straighten the back leg. Ensure that the R knee is in front of the R hip and L leg to the toes is in line with the L hip. Flex the R foot to protect the knee joint.

Both hips squared.

Fold forward.


You can choose to place a block underneath your thighs if your hips are high up. To deepen the stretch, you can have the R shin parallel to the front of mat.

Switch to the L or flow on the next pose.

Pose 5) King Pigeon Quad stretch*

From the Half pigeon pose, bring the R foot close to the groin. bend the back knee, hold on to the foot from the top with your L hand, and press it towards the bum.

Aim to press the L hipbone towards the mat.

** Sitting with a block underneath the R sitbones will help to stabilise the pelvis and keep the hips squared ** If you can’t hold on the back foot, use a towel or a yoga strap.

Pose 6) Seated Butterfly

Bring L leg forward, both knees bent and open with soles of feet touching.

Fold forward with straight spine.


Repeat L side

Pose 7) Kneeling Quad Stretch

Bring your knees together, and sit on your heels. Knees  are wide open;  toes tucked under. Place both hands behind you and push your hips up and forward.

Pose 8) Ragdoll or Forward Fold

Flowing from 7️⃣ , bring hips back down to heels, place hands forward of knees, rock back to ground heels to the mat; you’ll be in a mini squat position. Keep head down, as you push hips to the ceiling. Feet hip distance, grab off opposite elbow. Micro bend the back of the knees.

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