3 Mins Quickie Yoga Flow for Beginners


Sun Salutations are a great warm-ups to any home yoga practice and sometimes when I don't have time to do the other yogi stuff - this is all I do - 3 mins to 5 mins of just waking up my body.

Is it enough?

Well, if my goal is just to move my body, to invigorate the connective tissues in my body - then YES this is enough for me.

If I want more, I'll do more. But I'm always busy; still figuring out how to unbusy myself, so in the meantime, this is enough. And if I'm lucky, I would have scheduled some gym time or a yoga class during the day. :P

I'm trying a new way to guide you in this tutorial, where I am speaking to you and you can follow me LIVE. But I have also transcribed the sequence - below the video.

Hope you like it! Have Fun!!! x

Time Taken: 3 mins approx. To go straight to the flow, fast forward to 0.50


Pose 1) Child Poses x 3 breath

Flow 2) Cat & Cow x 3 sets (Arch and round your spine 3 times)

Pose 3) Downward-Facing Dog X 3 breath

Pose 4) Ragdoll  X 3 breath or (Forward Fold - holding on to opposite elbows)

Pose 5) Samasthiti (Hands to Heart)


1) From Samasthiti (Hands to Heart)

2) Extended Mountain INHALE

3) Forward Fold EXHALE

4) Halfway Lift INHALE

5) Chaturanga EXHALE (Option to drop to knees)

6) Baby Cobra, Cobra or Upward Facing Dog INHALE

7) Downward-Facing Dog X 3 breath Step or Hop forward (No Breath)

8) Halfway Lift INHALE

9) Forward Fold EXHALE

10) Extended Mountain INHALE

OPTIONS: From here you can flow straight down to Forward fold and repeat poses 3-10 continuously  (as in the video) OR you can go to (1) Samasthiti before repeating the sequence. The option and the practice is yours


Do as many Cat & Cows as you need to warm up the spine. And repeat Sun Saluation A as many times as you like. In my 3 minutes flow, it's all in threes, I hold 3 breaths and repeated 3 times.

Important Note/Disclaimer:

  • Always consult your health care provider and obtain full medical clearance before practicing yoga or any other exercise program. Note that not all yoga poses are suitable for all persons. Modify when you need and if unsure, practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor, in addition to the direction of your healthcare provider, can also help determine what poses are suitable for your body.

  • If you are just starting out, it's ok to rest in Child’s Pose in between the exercises. Don't worry about the timing. Just try your best, and you will get stronger with practice.

Most importantly ---------------- Don't forget to breathe! Be mindful about how your body feels, and rest whenever needed. . ♥♥♥